Quorn Crispy Fillets £1.97 @ Morrisons

Quorn Crispy Fillets £1.97 @ Morrisons

Found 14th Dec 2017
Delicious. I love most quorn (not a fan of a few things). A great offer IMO.
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Not really a deal? you can buy 4 for £6 at tesco

I buy my quorn all time from morrisons they'll have them £1 on offer if its anything like their quorn nuggets, fillets and mince.
I'd try it for this price. I normally find ethical food (if I can call it that) to be an expensive lifestyle
Listing something at full price is not a deal. Any other time of year this would be freezing! Good luck!
not a freebie anyway never mind a deal
They’ve been £1 before now, this isn’t really a great deal.
Just how crispy are these?
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