Quorn Meat Free deals on offer 4 for £6.00 @ Asda

Quorn Meat Free deals on offer 4 for £6.00 @ Asda



Mo mo.
Love when these offers are on. Only annoying thing is they don’t let you mix the fridge with the frozen despite it still being the same offer
Edited by: "Mordo" 9th Dec 2017
The Asda frozen Quorn sausages are 4 packs for £6/ £1.50 per pack and weigh 336g.

The packs of frozen Quorn sausages at Iceland are 2 for £3/ also £1.50 per pack and weigh 375g, some 39g/12% more for the same price.

Over 4 packs from Asda, that's almost half a pack difference to what you'd get from Iceland for the same money.

There's now so many different weight packs containing different numbers of sausages being sold at different shops with different multi-saves that I now need to use a calculator to work out what's cheapest.

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The southern fried burgers are great.
Hoping for an offer on Quorn roasts somewhere, I go through 5/6 over Christmas and new year
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