Quorn Ready Meals £1.50 each instore @ Asda normally £2.59
Quorn Ready Meals £1.50 each instore @ Asda normally £2.59

Quorn Ready Meals £1.50 each instore @ Asda normally £2.59

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Couldn't find this online so am guessing instore only. The packets do say New on them....


Quorn Spaghetti & Balls ready meal £1.50
Quorn Sausage & Mash ready meal £1.50
Quorn Sweet & Sour with rice ready meal £1.50

Normal price is £2.59 as it shows on the Waitrose website.


Didn't see the others on offer at the Asda I went to but might be when you go. Going again tonight so will check!

I just had the Spaghetti & Balls one and it wasn't too bad, better than the food served at our work cafe and cheaper!


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Oh and they have a 21 day use by date on them.

Healthy alternative to the hot pots that are not on offer anymore

Thank you. Will have to go and stock up. I think you can freeze them too. Being a veggie, whenever quorn is on offer I have to stock up.
Heat added.

I wonder when the quorn pieces will go on offer again? I haven't seen them lower than £2 for months now in big supermarkets. The closest was farm foods @ £1.50, grabbed a few of those, and I stocked up last time they were £1 at tesco (before xmas).

Has anyone else noticed the supermarkets keep getting a smaller and smaller selection of non-meat/vegetarian foods? I went in asda eastlands yesterday, one of the biggest, and they had 1 half sized freezer of vegetarian food- terrible! I haven't seen supermarkets own meat free pieces either for a long time.

It's not bothered me too much, as I've been using sweet potatoes as a substitute for quorn but getting a bit fed up of them now, so need quorn to go on offer! lol Not overly keen on the ready meals, especially the currys and sweet & sour, prefer to make my own.

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Yeh I noticed that, seem to YoYo up and down same with the frozen stuff too. Bit annoying, but not much you can do.

Not tried the others yet but 2 more lunches sorted for work so will try them out thursday and friday!

These are £2.59 on the Waitrose website at the moment.

Oh beats the boring macaroni cheese or pasta and tomato sauce that I usually buy. Thanks for the heads up will have to check this out.

I got some stuff from Tesco yesterday. They had 3 for £5 offer on the quorn in the chiller section. They included the bigger ready meals, sausages, pieces and mince. They can all be frozen too so might be worth a look if you are struggling to find stuff. I have certainly noticed a difference in the smaller tesco stores and asda, they are really slacking. I can't eat dairy or pasta either and it's driving me crazy that they seem to be stocking less and less. It's reverting back to what it was like 15 years ago!
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