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Lilo and stitch top 24hr sale £6 plus £2.99 postage at Qwertee
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Super cute and funny tee
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You can’t repost the same deal this sale for qwertee has already been posted here https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/qwertee-t-shirts-now-from-4-in-the-sale-and-free-shipping-and-free-socks-when-you-order-6-3139261


I would if I could but when I removed another post it got put back up by mod shall try though cheers xx


I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion but it would be better to put all the qwertee t shirt that all in the same sale altogether in one post. You can still give all your favourites as examples It just people do vote cold on multiple listing from the site sale. Here’s my listing for sale to show you what I mean https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/qwertee-t-shirts-now-from-4-in-the-sale-and-free-shipping-and-free-socks-when-you-order-6-3139261 Hope this helps


(skeptical) hope they are ok tis my 1st order... amazing designs and price tho (lol)


Bought from here a few times, quality of the print is luck of the draw I find, some are decent quality others arent, and the t shirts are same brand but sizing isn't constant.

Deadpool Tee 24 hour sale £6 plus £2.99 postage per tee
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Super fab tee love this one
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Never seen this site before & they have some super tee shirts on there. Heat from me! Thanks very much for sharing.


Ordered thanks. Might wear this Xmas day :)


Now that is.... cool!! Definitely getting one!


Haha took me a second lol, yeah trying to get the hang of all this clearly not quite there yet (lol) (lol) (lol)


Just having some light-hearted banter with you considering our previous conversation! ;)

The droids Beatles parody t shirt 24hr sale plus £2.99 postage @ Qwertee
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Fab tee love love love
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Flamedeer tho


Cheers the mods ent let me take em down :( will learn from it tho lol


Hey man, no problem you will get there! (y)


I ordered 6 tees and it was £6.95 postage so not the full £2.50 postage per tee but not cheap either still cheap tees either way. I will update post now xx


Lol I've not been on that tee site b4 so didn't realise they would have so many great options... if you look at all of my post on one of says and more as I came to that realisation myself too (excited) was just trying to be kind but cheers for the chill factor (y) I am still new to posting here still learning x

Qwertee T shirts now from £4 in the sale and Free shipping and free socks when you order 6
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
The Qwertee shop T shirt sale just got better with T shirts from £4 Other designs £6 Also free postage and socks if you order 6
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Sure they could come earlier, but their pre-ship commitment of "by the 20th" is a bit late compared to many online shops.


i got shipping notification in 2 days from order and actual delivery in another 3 days on my black friday package - you are right that it's not a sure thing with slowest delivery by christmas but they beat their own estimate for me.


A note to anyone thinking 'presents' my Order is down for shipping by the 20th of Dec if using the lowest cost shipping method.


Well just ordered five tees. Can't be sure but I did have a Harry Potter related T in my basket somehow. Deleted it and total rose slightly maybe? Then the final total again was slightly different because the previous total included a discount for using a card payment. Hummm!


My kids have had loads of these from various sale and they’ve all been fine. They’ve washed and worn fine, and lasted been hand me downs. I’m not saying they are the best quality but they are totally fit for purpose and have great designs

Qwertee tee shirt shop sale -- £6
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
All tees are currently showing at £6 as oppose to the usual £13. Picked up a couple that Id had my eye on since missing out on black Friday Also there is free shipping and free … Read more
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Had an email to confirm this will be ending tomorrow (Sunday 16th), so get them now if there is anything you fancy


Girlfriends Christmas sorted cheers op


Thanks, OP! Great find!! Shipping for 1 T-shirt is £2.50, royal mail. Don't need 6 for free shipping, so reasonable cost. (y)


Didn’t need to order so many, shame that their delivery prices are ridiculous (imho) A jumper and tee? That’ll be £7 in delivery please. (horror)


Ordered 6 t-shirts. Eek because I got 6 in the last sale. Oh well, enough t-shirts to last a while. Size is great. In my size the these t-shirts are longer than say fruit of the loom, which suits me well.

Qwertee cyber Monday sale T shirts from £2 buy 6 for free shipping & socks
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Qwertee cyber Monday sale has just begun Mens & Women’s T shirts from £2/£3/£4 Buy any 6 tee and get free shipping and socks T shirts from £2 only these two designs … Read more
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Sorry it’s finished now, i’ve expired the deal


interesting stuff


for me its full price, am I missing something. or do I need to put in a code.


Damn, looks like I missed out on a good deal here....


U sure mate that's not what Tony Stark uses.

Qwertee Black Friday Sale: Up to 75% Off + Free Shipping + Free Socks
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Hi Guys, This looks to be one of the better/best Qwertee sales I've seen. They have every design in their tee shop (most popular designs) on sale, free shipping and (a new one for… Read more

Do you know how to add the socks? I have 8 tee in my basket and no socks. Can't seem to find them.


You have to buy 8 t shirts to get free shipping, the offer ain't that good.


If i usually wear L go for L or XL.


I buy from them regularly - little bit different and quirky. Found a few decent ones at 4 quid each so thats me happy.


Sign up to the newsletter for £1 off too https://www.qwertee.com/tees/free-tees :)

Calvin & Hobbs T-shirt reduced from £13 to £3 @ Qwertee. Others at £8/£9
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
Saw a link on Facebook advertising this T-shirt at £8 but when i went to buy it, it's marked at £3! I love Calvin & Hobbs. Some other good designs at £8. Delivery from £2.50

Buy from them all the time & am impressed with the quality. Wash inside out & have steam generator iron. No problems with shape. Fave current design is the Communist Party.


have the quality of their shirts improved? great designs but shapeless


I have this shirt. Couple of kids have seen it, and gone "look, Tom & Jerry". XD


& I added all and still each size came to 13.00 each . 😔 oh well


Back to 13.00

Spooktacular sale @ Qwertee designs from £2, £6 & £8 Free shipping on 2 or more T shirts
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Qwertee have a sale on and you get free shipping on 2 t shirts or more All designs come in Men’s, Women’s and Kids size They have this design with a question mark for £2 htt… Read more
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They use Gilian ones and the sizes are as you would expect with any brand. I buy frequently from them and really like their designs.


yes i know you said that, i was commenting as someone that received their double daily dose of spam emails and correcting the kids comment (the daily tees are still 9quid other than the £2 one) the kids ones seem to always be available in the daily tee designs and i am assuming that maybe the other ones are left overs from being daily tees previously shame as i think loads are suitable for kids and no filter is just moronic


What's the quality and sizing like? :{


Yep the £2 T shirt is just a question mark and I described as that. Yes there is only 1 £2 and 1 £6 design Yes the rest are £8 and you can select the design you want. Usually the daily t shirt are £9 for 24hours or £13 for the next 24 So people can save money, you can select your design and if you buy two get free postage. To get your free postage you can just select the question mark for £2 and have a extra t shirt. I haven’t realised about the kids all the one’s i’ve ordered have had kids sizes. My kids have at least 10 Qwertee t shirt 8 from a previous sale


"All designs come in Men’s, Women’s and Kids size" nope - very few come in kids size and no way to filter is pathetic the £2 tshirt is crap and just a poor advert for qwertee - i thought it was a random selection for a min but no... literally a question mark!? £6 one is quite cute but there is only one and then its just a standard £8 sale?

£3 off @ Qwertee This Venom T shirt is £8.50 delivered Men’s, Women’s, Kids Sizes Other designs too
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Get £3 off at Qwertee until Mon. I know it’s not the biggest saving but it’s a saving non the less and they have a nice Venom design today Its like free shipping and 50p discoun… Read more

https://www.qwertee.com/product/dark-symbioteThere is this glow in the dark venom t shirt too Its £13 plus p&p £2.50 (£15.50So £12.50 with the £3 code


I've never been impressed by the quality of their t-shirts but the good desgins and price do make up for it. £3 off will probably push me to get another one.


Ordered thanks.

Qwertee Clearance Sale: Up to 75% Off + Free Shipping + Print
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Hi Guys, This looks to be one of the better Qwertee sales, on a par with Black Friday stuff. They have every design in their tee shop (most popular designs) on sale. The best bit… Read more

Were you expecting Hugo Boss for under a tenner?


I was making reference to the unfortunate typo..


unless they have changed, their model is to have t shirts that they sell for a few days and then replace - so these sales are the left over/excess stock. they only make set numbers or i thought only make to order at times? so its a rolling stock until its gone? so the kids sizes are made in small numbers, when they are gone, they are gone. they had xmas jumpers that sold out really fast in Dec - I was gonna get one for a gift and they went in just a couple of days!


Not really rude, it's a valid criticism. I can guarantee the bad user interface is costing them customers.


So rude (horror)

Qwertee happy hour t-shirts £7 - Between 10PM and 12PM
Found 14th Aug 2018Found 14th Aug 2018
Qwertee happy hour t-shirts £7 - Between 10PM and 12PM
£9.50£11.5017%Qwertee Deals
Can't see that it's advertised very much so thought I would mention for those that weren't aware: New Qwertee T-shirts go on sale at 10PM every evening. Between 10PM and 12PM it i… Read more
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Plus you get a bag of sweets to "sweeten" the deal :p


I have quite literally dozens of qwertee t-shirts. The only times I have retired a qwertee is when I have somehow damaged it (poked a hole in it, got paint or something else on it). They are really good quality. I agree that the postage taking a while can be annoying but part of that time is to allow them to actually print the t-shirts


As I said, I've never had issues with the quality. On the one time my delivery didn't arrive, qwertee responded quickly, and sent another batch out, and said if the original delivery turned up, we could keep them. So all in all, we were happy with their response.


I bought 10 last time they had 50% discount and I was very disappointed. The quality of fabric and printing very bad, I tried to contact them to return some as they even sent few random when they were out of stock after I purchased as in stock. Also they post from Ireland which is not very clear that it may take up to 15 days to receive. Luckily I paid by PayPal and got full refund as they never responded to the claim. Never ever for me..


I've not had any problems with any of mine - had about 15 over the past few years. All of mine are Gildan branded, which seem to be the brand of choice for official merchandise, both at events, and in places like HMV. Postage does increase according to number ordered, but if you sign up for e-mails, you get £1 off your order (every order - as you get a code every day), and they do frequent sales and special offers. The happy hour doesn't seem to run every day though.

Qwertee Random T-Shirt Sale. £4 for a random geek t-shirt, buy 6 and get free shipping, buy 8 and get a free t-shirt.
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Qwertee Random T-Shirt Sale. £4 for a random geek t-shirt, buy 6 and get free shipping, buy 8 and get a free t-shirt.
Qwertee's Insanitee sale is back on. Buy a completely random shirt from their stock for £4. I have bought 6 everytime this deal comes up and have yet to be dissapointed.
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Every mystery sale I've tried I've got dross. Complete dross. The last one where I got 6, one was a real bad Back to the Future one, one was a real fringe pokemon one and the other 4 were unrecognisable. I'm a nerd too.


Trying to find that outlet that sells old tour merchandise t shirts on the cheap. They did a lucky dip offer which was something like 5 t shirts for £25 or something. It was on HUKD a couple of years back.


I have used this offer a few times when it's been on and bought quite a few, the quality I think has always been really good and I have been happy with the designs nothing like the awful zavvi ones from quite some time back


The T-shirts I've had have been Gildan branded. I has happy with the quality... But I bought on the last deal where you got two t-shirts for 4 quid.


Random tees usually equates to surplus stock that they haven’t been able to sell

Mega Insanitee Sale (Random Tee Sale £4) Buy 6+ get free shipping @ Qwertee
Found 24th May 2018Found 24th May 2018
Mega Insanitee Sale (Random Tee Sale £4) Buy 6+ get free shipping @ Qwertee
Qwertee is offering random t-shirts £4 each and if you buy 6 or more you get free shipping. They also offer random t-shirt + poster for £7.

I'm very tempted, but worried I'll get a bunch I don't like!


IMO sizing is always perfect I’m a slightly chunky medium 🍰🤫

Upto 75% off @ Qwertee T shirts from £4
Found 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Upto 75% off @ Qwertee T shirts from £4
Just had an email Qwertee are having a clearance sale. Note quite as good as the code posted for them the other day but with 75% off and T shirts from £4 I thought it was worth po… Read more
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Westworld. spoiler leak on youtube ;)


Yeah measuring on the scale they have and flat on the table. I ordered meadium and 1 large so see how they come otherwise i'm on a diet.


odd - i measured a few of my L tees and it came up as L on their scale didn't order as it says about shrinkage which would take me a bit low i think you lay the shirt down properly flat and didn't measure across whilst wearing? (ninja) :p


eh? you think that correcting a silly mistake (ok well you made 2) is a smart ass comment? sounds like a dumb ass comment to me (<-THERE is the smart ass comment)


Yep i'm measuring in cm with my tape measure and cross reference with the guide. i'm well used to measuring inches (embarrassed)

Qwertee two t-shirts from £4.50 inc. delivery (with code)
Found 22nd Apr 2018Found 22nd Apr 2018
Qwertee two t-shirts from £4.50 inc. delivery (with code)
Follow the link to get: Today's tees for £2 each Last chance tees for £4 each All other tees £6 each This link required for the discount - https://lm.facebook.com/l.p… Read more

Mine also arrive yesterday, can’t complain at all for the price!


Mine have arrived, and much softer tees than the last one I ordered about a year ago. Result!


I had an email from them stating it had been shipped, and to expect them between May 1st and May 8th.


Anyone's come yet?


Still showing at full price for me when I tried, same as SixFeet. The code seemed to work though, so I could get one free tee, but not with the 50% off.

All Prints 50% off at Qwertee - £6.50 delivered
Found 13th Apr 2018Found 13th Apr 2018
All Prints 50% off at Qwertee - £6.50 delivered
All prints reduced from £8 to £4. Shipping is £2.50. Lots of original designs to pick from. Size is 32 x 45cm

https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/decoration/frames-pictures/silverhöjden-frame-silver-colour-art-00291787/ This frame isn't a bad size and price. Customise the included mount. You just need a sharp blade, a long ruler alongside a steady hand and a good eye! Great deal thanks OP! (highfive) I've ordered a couple...Love the How to Train your Dragon ones! :3


could anyone link to a suitable frame for the prints?


Thanks. Could you like to the frame? I'm having trouble finding it.


I got 6, love some of the artwork! Thanks very much :)


Great deal. Just ordered 7 of them!

Free random T shirt with any T shirt order from Qwertee
Found 8th Apr 2018Found 8th Apr 2018
Free random T shirt with any T shirt order from Qwertee
Get a FREE RANDOM TEE with any order...and even better, you can get UP TO 4 FREE TEES per ORDER Todays selected T shirts are on offer @ £9 each plus postage is £2.75 (usually £13)… Read more
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Ay ye old shirt 4 shirt

All t-shirts half price at  Qwertee
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
All t-shirts half price at Qwertee
All t-shirts at least half price. Normally most are £13.
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I can't get anything in my shopping cart. Every time I click buy, nothing goes in. (annoyed)


Was going to buy a few shirts but the cost of delivery increases with every item added to basket. £5.95 delivery for 4 shirts and thats if you pay by card, its an extra £1 if you want to pay through paypal - no thanks.


That wouldn't make the slightest difference in court imho


I love how they get around IP infringement by not using the show/game/movie names.


Ordered on 26th November and despite being dispatched recently website still suggests may not be received till January. Certainly would advise against ordering as a Christmas present.. can't rate their quality as still waiting :)

QWERTEE - Cyber Monday T-shirts starting at £2
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
QWERTEE - Cyber Monday T-shirts starting at £2
Cyber monday deals on qwertee. Some designs as low as £2. Many at £4.
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Just a heads up, I had a voucher waiting to be used for a free tee and it worked, so it can be combined on the cheap Tee offer


Have bought from them before, would recommend.


Awesome. Been after some "different" tees. Might have overspent again though...




I added 6 t shirts and insured delivery was free (some small, some medium some xxl). Good deal, thanks.