R63 (and other) energy saving light bulbs £2.50 @ Tesco

R63 (and other) energy saving light bulbs £2.50 @ Tesco

Found 27th Nov 2008
I needed some R63 spotlight bulbs for my kitchen as 2 went at the same time!! I popped into Tesco this evening and saw that they had the normal 4 pack of 60 watt R63 bulbs for £2. I was just about to buy them when I noticed next to them energy saving 11 watt equivalent bulbs at £2.50 each but buy 1 get 1 free. £1.25 each and they are meant to last for 8 years!? Hopefully they will last more than the normal few months that the cheaper ones do. Better for our pockets and better for the planet. Check in store or on line for the ones on offer. Couldn't get a direct link to work as Tesco expect you to log in to their on line store before you can see their products (unless anyone knows differently?)

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