R9 Fury Graphics Car £299.99 @ amazon

R9 Fury Graphics Car £299.99 @ amazon


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ok perhaps not seems to be 299 at a few places

If it was £100 cheaper, then maybe. At this price point though, you'd be better off saving £70 and buying a 6GB 1060 which generally matches the performance of this, or spending an extra £70 and buying a 1070, which **** over pretty much every aspect of this card.

for an extra £20, you could get a 980ti from OCUK though

This is not even as good of price as last week on this card. It was 289.99 last week, however, there are better cards at lower prices.



You can pick up a GTX 1060, right now, for £228. That's a significant savings of £61. Not only is the 1060 more energy efficient, it has a much better overclock (14% versus 6%).

An 8% boost in performance puts the 1060 on par with the Fury at 1440p and the 1060 is 8% ahead at 1080p.

So there is virtually no market for this card at this price, unless brand you have a load of brand loyalty to either side.

1060 is a better, cheaper, card.

The 480 would be an option too.

And there is a 980ti for 20 more, or a 1070 for 60 more. Even if you had exactly £300 quid, I wouldn't buy this card.

No deal for all the above reason's plus it gulps down juice faster than a rent boy working outside the houses of parliament. (_;)
As well as needing a 750W + power-station to run the b***er.

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Wow a graphics car, how do these even work? Is this these driverless cars they've been trialling?

Is this better than the peugeot 206 for commuting to work?

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Is this better than the peugeot 206 for commuting to work?

​I think this Gpu might be bigger than a 208 therefore you might struggle around town, but more comfortable on the motorway
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