Rab C Nesbitt: Complete Collection: 6 dvd only £8.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco!
Rab C Nesbitt: Complete Collection: 6 dvd only £8.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco!

Rab C Nesbitt: Complete Collection: 6 dvd only £8.99 delivered @ HMV! + Quidco!

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I will tell you this boy!

Rab C Nesbitt.. the string-vested ambassador, the voice of the peepil, thinker, bampot...has an opinion on anything - as demonstrated through out this definitive 6 DVD collection of the Govan ponderer's works!
Join Rab and the gang in 5 complete series - that's 32 full episodes of hilarity and wisdom. Holidays in the Highlands, devil worship, a night in the morgue, get into jail, get out of jail, Beyond AA, eviction, the meaning of life - it's all here.
Ably supported by their dysfunctional family and friends, the Nesbitts lurch from one crisis to another as they ride a roller -coaster of emotion, Govan style. Beat it!


Great find ami heat and rep.

brilliant find...although

"Availability: back in stock in 10 days"

excellent find :thumbsup:

Wow I'm in.

Brilliant, thanks very much

It's not actually the Complete Collection as there's a 6th,7th and 8th Series but still a good deal.

Looking forward to the Christmas special.

Note that it says complete series but it's only Series 1-5 and there were eight made.

Does it come with subtitles?
Sure hes very funny if only i could here what hes saying

Most after series 4 were a bit pants anyway, so I can live without them.
Thanks as I nearly bought this at £12.99 the other day but at £8.99 I can't hold off buying it any more.

I've had this on order for ages keep getting the "out of stock" e-mail :x

I've been waiting YEAR'S for this deal to come along!
Good spot amibees

BRILLIANT DEAL and such a brilliant series, total classic, pure genius...

Legendary.... They don`t make TV like the used to.

heat added and ordered.

Good find, but, I have ordered a few box sets now from HMV for silly money.
Northern Exposure, Monkey, Blackadder only to receive an e mail sorry not in stock etc etc, then 3 or 4 months later, sorry the DVDS you requested are no longer available sorry blah blah, please look at our latest bargains,
So if it comes great if not, oh well

I will tell you this boy, I will tell you this.
I got this off play.com a few weeks back for about £17. there is a series 7 and 8 though. So its not a complete set.

Excellent Heat+Rep.

Great deal thanks :thumbsup:

has anyone had this as looks out of stock ?

Arrived this morning! Great deal, well done - rep! :thumbsup:
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