Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 1 And 2 Plus Seasonal Greet £7
Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 1 And 2 Plus Seasonal Greet £7

Rab C. Nesbitt - Series 1 And 2 Plus Seasonal Greet £7

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This doesn't realy need any intro I don't think. S1/2 are the best, sort of went downhill a bit after. Full details in following post so it doesn't clog the deals page..

Possible extra 70p off by using the following code: VMO26_03CC10

NOTE: The code is meant for Virgin credit card holders but may work with other cards, or may not. Your risk. At best it'll work at worst the order will get cancelled and you'll have to re-order ;-)


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Complete Series 1It's The Return of the string vested street philosopher, … Complete Series 1It's The Return of the string vested street philosopher, the voice of Govan, the people's anti-hero.Rab C Nesbitt has an opinion on anything and everything; put forward in a way that only Rab can. He is possibly the only person on the planet for whom the phrase "dysfunctional family" is regarded as a compliment.His theories may have as many holes as his string vest, and there is a lot more life in that bandage around his head than in any council suburb, but you cannot escape the wrath of the Nesbitt man.Complete Series 2Rab C Nesbitt - philosopher, working class hero, bampot. In the second series of the cult comedy, Rab and the gang head to the Highlands to discover their roots; the Social helps Rab and Mary resolve a Domestic; the McGurns go on the rampage and need sorting out; Rab gets out of jail and Jamesie gets out the house; Rab reflects on the meaning of life while Mary wonders if it's worthwhile carrying on.Seasonal GreetTis The Season of goodwill and Mary is full of the Christmas spirit, whereas Rab is just full of spirits. Disillusioned with the whole idea of the festive season, Rab embarks on a one man campaign to stamp out Christmas. A tussle with Santa lands him in the Big Hoose - and in hot water with Mary. Rab's off-kilter sense of moral values and his glib way with words ensures this wee Christmas message will have you greetin' alright - with laughter!

Excellent price. Voted hot.

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Give Virgin their dues, this would have been with me saturday morning (for £6.30) if the jobsworth in the sorting office hadn't refused to hand it over as I had no ID with me, never bothered them in the past. Wouldn't even let the wife have it with her driving license. Asked if I could have it redelivered today and guess what, it was still sitting there at 3.45 when I went back to get it. Royal Mail, bloody useless more like, ach awee and lie in yer ain p*** I say:p :x

remember this from when i was younger. my dad wrote a couple of guest scripts for the second series but cant remember which ones

Remember when Rab put on the lottery numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the draw picked out 7,8,9,10,11,12? Class episode.
This is one of my favourite all time shows, because Rab reminds me so much of my dad! I might go for this and give the videos to Oxfam.
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