Rabbids Go Home (Rayman Raving Rabbids) Nintendo Wii £12.95 delivered @ Zavvi

Rabbids Go Home (Rayman Raving Rabbids) Nintendo Wii £12.95 delivered @ Zavvi

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Found 19th Jan 2010Made hot 19th Jan 2010
Very good price as elsewhere this is : -
ShopTo.Net £17.65
The HUT £17.73
Amazon UK £17.99
Play £17.99
Game £29.99
Gameseek £31.96
HMV £34.99

Bwaah... Been there. Done that. Invaded Earth. Partied hardy... Now, it's time for an adventure!

The Rabbids' first comedy-adventure will take them to the moon or bust! As usual, they have an infallible plan: collect all the human Stuff they can find, heap it onto a giant pile and climb to the moon. Not so fast! The Humans revolt and become Verminators to exterminate the Rabbid varmints and defend their precious Stuff: 'Rabbids Go Home!'

* The Rabbids' First Comedy-Adventure: Control two Raving Rabbids pushing a shopping cart and cause mayhem in a world full of uptight humans with shopping on the brain. Collect varying sizes of Stuff needed to reach the moon.
* 15 Striking Game Environments: Scour through supermarkets, race across rooftops, jet past airports and boost through the Bayou, visiting the game's unique take on everyday places.
* Play Over 40 Missions: Race, chase, boost and generally run amok, while scaring the humans right down to their undies - literally! Ridicule reams of relentless enemies and their nasty pooches in an increasingly paranoid world of Rabbid-haters.
* Unique Art Direction: Encounter a cast of colourful, oddball characters and explore a remarkable parody of the modern world as if you were living inside an interactive cartoon!
* Variety of Gameplay: Soup-up your shopping cart with a jet ski, an airplane reactor, ora hospital bubble bed, to wreak more havoc everywhere you turn! Learn to pilot your cart while boosting, jumping, gliding, floating and flying.
* In Ze Remote: Gobble-up Rabbids inside your Wii Remote and customise your very own Rabbid avatars to play with instantaneously in-game!


Hot !!! Good find Mr Wedge

Good,daft and a barrel full of fun!

Good find op, did anyone else find this game a disappointment compared with the other ravin rabbids games? They have changed the style of play

yeah i was suprised a bit, after 15 mins of playing i was wondering if its just pushing a trolley around a map all the time, surely there is more...fraid not tho.


Been after this at a decent price for ages. My lad will be chuffed! Cheers OP (even though you're a *cough* City *cough* fan.

In my basket its added a £1.00 discount and applied it to the game making in £11.95, even though I have 2 other dvds in my basket and didnt put no code in.

So bought it for £11.95


I just looked under my order summary and it says

Discounts Used

Discount Code Total Discount
Follow up codes for zavvi text customers £1.00

So I guess its from this, I have txted for a code before but I used it, so dont know how I got £1 credit on my account.

Same happened for me - came out at £11.95! Fantastic price.


Same happened for me - came out at £11.95! Fantastic price.

Weird.... same happened to me. :thinking:

Looks like a glitch in their system. Cracking deal though :thumbsup:

I got mine for £11.95 as well. Even better deal!!

Great deal and with quidco and an extra pound off because zavvi said so, a bargin

Actually I added a different game, and it had -1 quid, is there something happening?

Actually not all games, but the other was: Avatar: The Game (James Cameron's) on Xbox 360.

It gives £1 off each item it seems now, have a wii game and dvd in my basket and took £1 off each

Now £17.95 (or £16.95 with the £1 discount)

I got a dispatched email today.

Arrived this morning
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