Rabbids Go Home (Wii) £19.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon
Rabbids Go Home (Wii) £19.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

Rabbids Go Home (Wii) £19.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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Very good price for this brand new Rabbids game as elsewhere it is: -
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CdWow £28.99
Play £29.99
HMV £29.99
Gameseek £36.96
PCWorld £37.94

The rabbids have had enough of losing to Rayman, but going home may cause more mayhem than staying. You see, they've decided that the best way to leave Earth is to build a tower of rubbish all the way to the moon (not that they're certain that's where they came from).

Playing as the maniacal rabbit creatures you tour each level in a shopping trolley collecting anything that's not tied down and a lot that isn't: from a chest of drawers to a runaway cow. Many items give you special abilities, like a skyscraper chase in a giant bubble and an aircraft jet engine that lets you suck up even more objects.

With the rabbids' trademark humour still intact (your basic attack scares the clothes off humans, which you can then collect as well) and some of the best cartoon style graphics on the Wii this is a clever evolution from the old mini-game collections.
Key Features

* The rabbids have landed: The rabbids return in their first all action comedy adventure, with a very peculiar mission to the moon.
* Detritus Rex: Terrorise the population and nab objects for your collection - then deliver them to your unlikely space tower.
* Alternative transport: Catch a ride on a jet engine or inside a giant bubble as weird new objects offer up exciting mini-game missions.
* Steal 'n' go: Simple controls mean anyone can play, just jump aboard the shopping trolley and start terrorising the populace in true rabbid style.
* Race relations: Crazy cartoon style graphics look great on the Wii, with huge levels filled with thing to smash and grab.

* The Rabbids First Comedy-Adventure - Control two Raving Rabbids pushing a shopping cart and cause mayhem in a world full of uptight humans with shopping on the brain. Collect varying sizes of stuff needed to reach the moon.
* Make a huge mess and provoke hilarious situations in over 15 striking game environments - Scour through supermarkets, race across rooftops, jet past airports and boost through the Bayou, visiting the games unique take on everyday places.
* Play over 40 missions - Race, chase, boost and generally run amok, while scaring the humans right down to their undies - literally! Ridicule reams of relentless enemies and their nasty pooches in an increasingly paranoid world of Rabbid-haters.
* Unique Art Direction - Encounter a cast of colourful, oddball characters and explore a remarkable parody of the modern world as if you were living inside an interactive cartoon!
* Variety of Gameplay - Soup-up your shopping cart with a Jet Ski, an airplane reactor, or a hospital Bubble Bed, to wreak MORE havoc everywhere you turn! Learn to pilot your cart while boosting, jumping, gliding, floating and flying.
* In Ze Remote - Gobble-up Rabbids inside your Wii Remote and customize your very own Rabbid avatars to play with instantaneously in-game!
* Talented and highly creative team - Rabbids Go Home is being developed by the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio who was responsible for high-profile games like "Beyond Good & Evil, "King Kong, the official game of the movie, and the first "Rayman Raving Rabbids.


Good price, will let my dad know as I think he was considering picking this up for the siblings.


ordered cheers! heat added

Brillant game and very addictive

Agreed, this is an excellent game. Makes a change for the Wii!

Eurogamer.net sum it up very well if you want a more in depth review.

Fantastic!! Another tick off the Christmas present list. Thanks. :santa:

Thanks very much for this, was going to pay a lot more ..ordered!

a great little game that ditches the mini game em up format for a much better katamari style gameplay focus. Add in the comedy and its a win win.

Another present of the boys xmas list :thumbsup:

I'm still on the look out for Indiana Jones Lego 2 and New Super Mario Bros for the Wiii cheaper

Thanks a lot, ordered two - one for me and little sister xmas present sorted!

Thanks. Ordered - heat + rep!

Thanks andywedge for the brilliant deal, your post has been featured on ]Dealspwn, the Hotukdeals gaming blog. Thank you for all the great deals!

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