RAC 5 in1 Air Compressor @Argos.co.uk **WAS £29.99 NOW £19.99**
RAC 5 in1 Air Compressor @Argos.co.uk **WAS £29.99 NOW £19.99**

RAC 5 in1 Air Compressor @Argos.co.uk **WAS £29.99 NOW £19.99**

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Operates from a 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Pre-set auto cut-off function to avoid over inflation.

Compressor with on/off switch for use on car tyres, air-beds and inflatables.

High volume inflation and deflation functions.

Tyre inflation in 6 minutes.

Analogue pressure gauge up to 100 psi.

Work light with on/off switch.

Rubber feet and handle.

Built-in compartment for storage.

Complete with nozzle adaptor, sport needle and inflator / deflator accessories.


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This is a good price as this particular product is more expensive elsewhere, but I have this one and dont like it at all, its too big and bulky and is really cheaply made, the black dial at the front came off with the vibration and the plastic door for the storage compartment comes off every time you toch it. and it just feels cheap. My dad has a compressor which cost £5 on some offer from the local garage a few years ago and its half the size and much tougher, so my advice is look elsewhere for a better bargain!

Gotta agree with aled, we got it from woolies when on offer last year. It feels very cheaply made and cuts out if you want to inflate anything other than car tyres.

I don't know this one but got a cheap inflater from Argos for £7.99 recently (blue box). It's very sturdy and fast (5 minutes from flat). It doesn't have a "safety" cut off but as the tyre gets full, the pump struggles and my guess is (although I have never tried it), that the pump's heat safety device will cut out before the tyre gets overinflated.

Personally I'd recommend one of those Jump Start / Power supply gizmo's, granted not small, but easily store in the boot, and that has built in torch, 12v cigar outlet for running things like car chargers, portable DVD players etc, will jump start your car, and has a built in air compressor on the back.It came with a mains adapter charger, or you can charge using your cars 12v cigar, ahem, erm utility socket! best of all you can get them for about the same price £20.I've had 2 now, and found them very useful, only jump started the car once (not bad considering it was 2.0 ltr engine, so it paid for itself in one use), but I also use it as a power supply in conjunction with a 150 power invertor for when I do boot sales and stuff, to demonstrate the games consoles I was selling, and running a small 6" colour TV, that way people are more likely to buy if they can see an item working, so basically they're very versatile (IMO anyway), so better value for the price.Tip: You quite often see the ROLSON or BLACKSPUR branded ones around, get the newer version, which has an LED bulb torch, and is much brighter, and will last for hours and hours, I think from memory the sealed lead acid battery inside is the same as used on most of those invalid scooters, and I'm pretty sure is rated 18AH, so can offer a lot of power.
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