RAC Roadside Rescue Now £27.99 + Increased rate of £15 Quidco - Potential £12.99 for the year! @ RAC

RAC Roadside Rescue Now £27.99 + Increased rate of £15 Quidco - Potential £12.99 for the year! @ RAC

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Found 24th Oct 2014
£27.99 + £15 Quidco = £12.99 approx £1.10p PM

24/7 breakdown cover. We'll fix your vehicle at the roadside, as long as you're over ¼ mile away from home. Includes a 10 mile tow to a destination of your choice, local garage or a place of safety if your car cannot be fixed at the roadside.

You can add on extras like Key Replace for £9 which isn't bad.

Also free fuel offers with recovery add ons etc
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10 mile tow to a destination of your choice won't be a lot of use for most p eople
Good price with the Quidco/Top cashback. Thanks for the post.
Heat for the price; good for those who'd be content with this level of cover. Anybody know of any good deals that include home start?
Cheers will probably take this out, had green flag offer for last 10 months and not used it
and the fuel cash back? can you elaborate please
Done, no brainer!
so you got to be at least a ¼ mile but no more than 10 mile from home
This sounds OK to me, 7 year old small van, never go more than 12 miles from home. Will read the detail but looks like it will give me cheap cover.
That wont even cover the school run!!
Home rescue another £62 so very expensive

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Customer service called me today due to sheer neglect. I'm disabled & waited over hr with my dogs & hubby. The knew I was disabled. Sent a garage they use but we saw two RAC trucks pass us. Driver said I had to get in cab off motorway. I thought he was going to drop a step. No, My hubby pushed & I pulled. I tore my meniscus getting in. Ripped my shoe. Not drivers fault. I sat & cried in pain in that wagon. I phoned them a couple of days after I came home to tell them off. The took all info. I said don't worry I don't want to claim. Had a call from head office. That woman was really nice & turned to bitch from hell. Told me no one could force me into the cab & I'd done it off my own free will. She said I had a option not to do it!! What.. Did I hell I had to do it. Me & my dogs were sat on a blanket on hard shoulder with no barrier. She said next time you would get a taxi to take you to next services. Ok me & my dogs are stuck there. Me in a wheelchair with dogs. Who is going to push me. I have two dogs. Silly woman. My hubby interrupted & said, so your saying my wife had a option? She said it was her free will. It wasn't it was sit on a cold floor in the dark or get me & my dogs in there. Believe me the don't care if your disabled. Hope they treat lone women better or people with kids. I was treated like Sh.. By her & I know how you feel with a broken shoe. NO YOU DONT MRS MY MENISCUS IS IN SHREDS. My hubby told her we are going elsewhere you customer relations is the pits.
Left my daughter waiting for three hours when broken down on a busy roundabout. And she was supposed to be a priority!
Never again - AutoAid all the way.

Done, no brainer!

Quite possibly.
If you're after breakdown cover and want a bit more than this Basic Cover then it's worth looking at AutoAid Here

Always top in Martin Lewis's web site.

He does also list list this RAC deal on his site as the top Basic Cover.

But I can vouch for AutoAid. They call a local garage and so I've never had to wait long.
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I got the AA deal off here last January for £10 per month, unfortunately I had the call them last month when my battery light came on, they were literally sat outside my house as I put the phone down, response time was amazing.
Fyi, quidco stating has been tracked @ £20
I won't go with the RAC ever again after they took 6 hours to come out and I had my little boy with me on a freezing winter night. Customer service is appalling and a lot of the employees seem to have low morale
Thanks for those responses. I'd never considered AutoAid, but it's now definitely in the frame.
We had auto aid a few years back & they had to take our car to the lakes which was about £70 mile away. Couldn't fault them. I think we just went with RAC at time as they promised us the earth. Yeah my butt sat on it on edge of M5.
do you get the £100 free fuel or am i missing something?

do you get the £100 free fuel or am i missing something?

6. The offer excludes purchases made through cashback and voucher code sites
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