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Basic RAC Roadside cover £40 (poss £11 via TCB)
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Topcashback are offering £29 cashback if you go for the basic £40 which gives you: "With Roadside we’ll fix your vehicle at the roadside and if we can’t, we’ll give you a 10 mile … Read more

I think Auto renew should be banned on everything or at least be an opt in NOT an opt out because they do NOT make it clear or easy to do at time of purchase ... tis my bugbear !! I ended up paying two seperate car insurances because my existing one auto-renewed unbeknown to me and I had already shopped around and purchased my new insurance :\


how does RAC compare to AA, anyone know?


... their service is pants (see bbc watchdog)


gypsyboy mentioned AutoAid, who are now on the MSE website, and who I was with for over 20 years until this year - they were taken over by another Company and I couldn't renew online due to a fault with their website. This problem seems to be more common now i.e. a good firm gets taken over and they mess it up straight away! I am now with Eversure Insurance who charged just over £38 for comprehensive cover including home start and recovery for vehicles up to 20 years old. Top Cashback has not performed so good lately, so I used Quidco more this year who have improved a lot.


I also had a gaggle and got the same as you plus onward travel for me and me other half, in any car for £60, my colleague got the exact same as me for £40.

Thinkware f800 pro 2 ch dashcam (32gb using code) -  RAC shop - £269.10
Found 17th Nov 2018Found 17th Nov 2018
Thinkware f800 pro 2 channel dashcam with 32gb mmc. Reduced to £299 but can be reduced further 10% using code CRra7365

So do non-driving instructors like everyone. There are good drivers as well as bad drivers sharing the same piece of road day in day out. Running a vehicle ain't cheap & certainly doesn't stop nutters out there smashing into your car inconveniencing you without a car, let alone may affect your insurance premiums. You could also argue the road is also shared with pedestrians where they may get hit & run by some (poo)head & other drivers may have video evidence to confirm this. If you're a bike/vehicle driver then everyone would had to go through driving lessons & take the test once in their life. It's compulsory by Law. A bit of courtesy & patience helps if you drive behind a learner but some folks are just simply bricks (not the block kind as the mods don't like offensive words) on the road. Just overtake them if you got the space & it's safe to do so. Some bricks drive too close for close comfort hence that dashcam footage will prove it if the learner driver panicked & stalled the vehicle or the bricks was driving too close. Driving without due care comes to mind? I think everyone should have dashcams fitted as retro-fitted/standard on new/old cars as part of MOT. I can see insurance would come down massively but I doubt the insurance companies would be happy about that.


this offer has not expired, purchased yesterday 23/11/18 for friend offer and discount code still works.


(A). What is the common retail price for the item (B) what is the price on offer the HUKD user has found. If (B)< (A) = Hot. Therefore heat added. I don’t get why people vote with their opinion. Who gives 2 monkeys. Show me a place I can get the item cheaper than the one the HUKD user has posted. That’s what I hate about this place and people: someone took the time to raise a listing to say they have found something below market price and ‘someone’ (not necessarily you) may be interested. If you want a Xiaomi, show me the place I can get one cheaper than the market and make a bloody listing. Let the HUKD user choose what they want to buy. Everyone is more than capable of looking at different items and choosing what to buy or not to buy and making a decision. Whether it’s the right one or not, who cares. Let’s get back to what this site was meant to do- show deals!


An awful lot of Driving Instructors have these


I have this dvr and have to say it is by far the best dvr on the market with speeking speed camera updates colision and so on and the night recording is exceptional. I have had cheep cameras and you do get what you pay for.

Free RAC Roadside, Recovery, and At Home Breakdown Cover worth £119 for RAC Car Insurance Customers - Check Emails
LocalLocalFound 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Just got this email this morning at 10.57am with a unique code. All activated in 3 minutes. Check your inbox.
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There is must be reason give away free breakdown cover, try give them a call first and see how long you have to wait to get someone answer the phone.


It's only a fake price if they have never tried or actually sold it at £119. You should be careful with your use of the word "fake". Intelligent people think before making such sweeping comments ;)


Why repeat falsehoods? Intelligent people think first ;)


THEY used the words “worth”, but hey let’s not let that get in the way of a good rant....


Home, breakdown and recovery is NOT worth £119. This is a fake price. You should not use the word "worth". It is the full price without discounts or deals.

High end RAC recovery / roadside recovery package £99 (single) @ RAC
Found 26th Aug 2018Found 26th Aug 2018
High end RAC recovery / roadside recovery package £99 (single) @ RAC
£99£15034%RAC Deals
For £99 offer includes road side recovery to any chosen UK destination. Also included is the onward travel, where the car cannot be fixed RAC will provide a courtesy car, hotel or … Read more
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RAC are awful.


I almost just left RAC, up'd my renewal from £93 to £150 - rung them and said forget it, dont want a deal, just cancel renewal as I cant be doing with always being ripped off. They then said you can renew at £93, not £150 and we will update the system so it never puts the price up......just shows you and what type of management they have at RAC


Mine runs out in a couple of weeks but not valid on renewals. oh well, was going to buy with Clubcard points anyway


Ring them up and if you've not had a call out ask what the best price they can offer you is.


Great timing, been looking at getting covered and a few different options and this has made my day. Cheers for the heads up on this great price. :D

RAC Roadside Rescue + Recovery + At Home +Onward Travel + Europe £139.49
Found 2nd Aug 2018Found 2nd Aug 2018
RAC Roadside Rescue + Recovery + At Home +Onward Travel + Europe £139.49
£139.49RAC Deals
RAC Personal/Joint Cover for you and 1 other named member of your household as drivers or passengers in any vehicle. Roadside Rescue We'll fix your vehicle at the roadside, … Read more
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Thanks plethoratrad, My renewal was £280 without At Home. What a bargain-£140 saved!


https://www.startrescue.co.uk/ offers similar for fraction of RAC cost used for oer five years using topcashback get 15% back


Check with your car manufacturer, Toyota for examples breakdown including Europe for £7 a month. It uses the AA. I suppose this is good if you need more than 1 vehicle with Europe cover.


Really poor !!! £75 for comprehensive uk cover i think thats a bargain if your comparing to green flag READ THE SMALL PRINT this at £75 is cheap with that cover

RAC cover Personal as opposed to Vehicle - £67
Found 29th Jul 2018Found 29th Jul 2018
RAC cover Personal as opposed to Vehicle - £67
After receiving an auto renewal price of £155 which was an increase of £58 on previous year . A phone call to RAC resulted in "Personal cover for me in any vehicle, as a driver o… Read more
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Start Rescue, that's it ;)


Does RAC stand for Really Awful Cover?


Well why would anyone chose to buy vehicle specific cover over personal cover unless it is significantly cheaper i dont see the point, if your with someone else and their car breaks down and their not covered you can use your personal one. The price of the cover is good, but there are a lot of reviews saying they are understaffed with call-outs taking over 4-5 hours to get someone to come out.


Start rescue all the way. People need to understand many of these smaller companies offer same or even better service as well as being cheaper than the aa and rac giants. The big players just get greedier every year. #tryoutothercompanies


Service is constantly bad... You've been warned... Took then 3 hours to attend on Sunday evening on m1 motorway few weeks ago! Took the time and effort to complain and got a standard apology!

Half-Price RAC Breakdown Cover  from £29.50 per year (plus cashback with TopCashback)
Found 26th Jul 2018Found 26th Jul 2018
Half-Price RAC Breakdown Cover from £29.50 per year (plus cashback with TopCashback)
RAC are running a half-price deal on their current cover. You can also get cashback via TopCashback but remember to go to the page mentioned in this deal as the link from TopCashb… Read more

Yes looks like you are right, cashback will probably be denied.


The TCB t&cs do state it can’t be used with any other offer, but presumably that wording was there with OP posted this? Not sure why it’s suddenly been expired.


Why has this been expired, its still live


Thank you very much for posting this mgmazz01. I have been looking for breakdown cover and this ticks all the right boxes. Have some heat (y)


Plenty if you wanna keep moaning!

Up to 46% off RAC Breakdown Cover
Found 5th Jun 2018Found 5th Jun 2018
Up to 46% off RAC Breakdown Cover
Up to 46% off RAC "Single Personal" based membership. Some of the prices are not worth shouting about. However, Roadside + Recovery is £68.99 on an annual cover which if you buy … Read more

Best thing would be to give them a ring rather than trawling through policy schedules or terms and conditions.


Will this also cover flat tire or puncture repair on road side ?


At least with the AA and the RAC you have a chance they will fix your car at the roadside as opposed to other Companies who just tow you to a garage.


Do your wallet a favour and get cover with autoaid. Less them £50 and covers you and your spouse in any car you're driving. https://www.autoaidbreakdown.co.uk £39 via Groupon


Prefer the AA (lol)

Half price RAC deals - 50% off their recovery policies from £4 p/m
Found 24th May 2018Found 24th May 2018
Half price RAC deals - 50% off their recovery policies from £4 p/m
£4£850%RAC Deals
RAC have 50% off their recovery policies
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How did you get it for that price ? Mines up for newel


You dont need to pay for recovery and claim back. Who on earth said that. Im with start rescue and called them 3 times already. The initial amount you paid is all u ever pay just like aa and rac


Would rather use Autoaid. Few quid more but you don't have to pay for recovery and claim back, and they will recover to anywhere, not just the nearest garage.


i was with aa last year and read they didn't. I would assume most if not all have a clause they wont recover when a accident occurs


I mean recover after an accident

Autoglym Car Care Kit - STEAL - £62 @ RAC Shop
Found 22nd May 2018Found 22nd May 2018
Autoglym Car Care Kit - STEAL - £62 @ RAC Shop
£62£8930%RAC Deals
Noticed earlier that the RAC shop are currently selling this Autoglym "Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors Collection" for a steal price. Fellow car enthusiasts must get your … Read more

I've tidied this thread up and removed a number of comments. You will have noticed the banner saying "Deal posting newbie! This is Jay-Macha first deal post. Help out by leaving a posting tip or just to show your appreciation for their contribution." and a number of you seem to have chosen to ignore that and instead posted a number of incredibly unwelcoming and snide comments. Totally out of order and some of you responsible have been members here for a number of years and really should know better. Yes, it isn't a great price but there's no need for any mocking, ever! At least @Jay-Macha has taken the effort and time to post, and although this isn't a hot deal, hopefully in future he will post something that you all benefit from. Thanks for the post @Jay-Macha and welcome to HUKD.


Heat for effort!


£54.89 on Amazon


Not a 'steal' or 'bargain' from where I'm sitting.

Ever wonder how much your 2nd hand car cost new? - RAC Value My Car
Found 19th Mar 2018Found 19th Mar 2018
Ever wonder how much your 2nd hand car cost new? - RAC Value My Car
Well I found this site https://www.raccars.co.uk useful. Click on the sire and then the value my cay tab, enter your reg and email and then they return you with the original / n… Read more

They do stop eventually


I wish I'd used a temporary email address when I tied webuyanycar . com and buyacar because I got fed up with all the emails I started receiving from them. voted cold because this seems to be just another valuation service that also hoovers up your personal details


Stated £280 on an older low mileage Ford Focus which seems barely above scrap value and certainly well less than I could buy any high mileage runner for currently. Presumably it's the usual 'any car' providing it's less than three years old and of average mileage and, no, I didn't sign up with my real details including insurance expiry dates, not getting caught with that cold calling 5h1t storm again.


I found the website good for looking for used cars. Didn’t know it existed before! Learning to drive


Valuation I got was £2000 more than what Parkers says (for a car worth £12,000)

RAC Breakdown Cover £34.99 + £11 Quidco
LocalLocalFound 28th Feb 2018Found 28th Feb 2018
RAC Breakdown Cover £34.99 + £11 Quidco
Given the weather a perfect time to take basic cover.

I forgive you. But there isnt just me who is saying this, search another Quidco thread and im sure someone will mention how much they con people out of their cashback these days, your the luckly one


Well, my total Quidco is over £2k so forgive me for not buying your negativity


Tracked means nothing! Give it 9/10months then it will decline.


"Your purchase on 26 Apr 18 for £133.97 and for £50.00 cashback at RAC UK Breakdown Cover has been tracked."


AA wouldnt even budge on renewal for me. my renewal price was the same as a standard price for new members Just took out RAC Roadside & Recovery Rescue - Roadside + Recovery - £90.99. Via quidco, cashback is currently tracking at £39 So total of £51.99. we shall see...

RAC Basic breakdown cover £34.99 with £13 cash back via quidco @ RAC
Found 10th Jan 2018Found 10th Jan 2018
RAC Basic breakdown cover £34.99 with £13 cash back via quidco @ RAC
£21.99£34.9937%RAC Deals
Breakdown cover = £34.99 Quidco = - £13 Total = = £21.99
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BE CAREFUL of their auto renewals every year. Once the money's gone, they charge £10 admin fee and then give you a refund!


If I use clubcard boost will it void cashback??


It's on the Quidco site (expires in 4hrs) https://www.quidco.com/rac-uk-breakdown-cover/?st=rac&tr=368&fn=home&fr=top&si=95809472-1746-426b-b4e8-b4b8d906457a&sv=4-MS&ucb=12b7d3e37fa32e2ec3b329ecdccf81094


I didn't get mine from RAC so don't count on it. Title needs amending.


I took out a deal early last year and RAC declined the claim no reason. I've had to challenge it through Quidco and still waiting for the cashback.

£40 off RAC Breakdown cover £89.99
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
£40 off RAC Breakdown cover £89.99
£89.99RAC Deals
I’ve just had an email where you can get £40 off your breakdown cover this half term from the RAC. I’ve taken a look and this would normally cost £129.99 on their website. S… Read more

are you serious where is the deal


No contest....Autoaid every time.


Start Rescue all the way for me ;)


If my cash back tracks and is paid I will have a years cover for pretty much everything apart from European Cover for about £36


£53 for 2 drivers

RAC £38.99 break down cover via voucher cloud.
Found 26th Jun 2017Found 26th Jun 2017
RAC £38.99 break down cover via voucher cloud.
£38.99RAC Deals
Saw the AA post I can't seem to get it for 39.00 advertised. Did some googling found this deal at £38.99 seems good price 1p cheaper than AA deal too :-)

£26.95 at startrescue with a loaded premium for10 year old car.


If you cancel make sure you stop your direct debit with bank as payments will continue!


Joint RAC membership is £26 with Tesco Clubcard vouchers

RAC Upgrade To Recovery Resue (UK wide) £10
Found 6th Sep 2016Found 6th Sep 2016
RAC Upgrade To Recovery Resue (UK wide) £10
If like me you have RAC policy with only a 10mile tow cover, this seems like a good price. Working away from home £10 will be a better price to pay to take the car back to a local… Read more
RAC: free key loss in breakdown cover (£70 down to £35 if quidco pays)
Found 17th Jun 2016Found 17th Jun 2016
RAC: free key loss in breakdown cover (£70 down to £35 if quidco pays)
Hi, getting breakdown for my scooter. Noticed if you add the lost keys supplement to your order from £50 to £70, but quidco pay more £14 to £35, so for cover for any vehicle (2 mot… Read more

I took out RAC through Quidco, cachback paid out no problem.


Bit cheeky to need it as a supplement anyway. Seems these "Breakdown" guys like to exclude anything that is most probably going to occur to the average absent minded motorist (lost keys, locked out, run out of petrol ....).


I have done this with the RAC for the last 4 years, and quidco has paid out every time......HOT

Get up to £100 Amazon Gift Card (+QUIDCO) with  RAC Breakdown cover
Found 5th Jan 2016Found 5th Jan 2016
Get up to £100 Amazon Gift Card (+QUIDCO) with RAC Breakdown cover
https://www.racwinteroffer.co.uk/Reward RAC Amazon.co.uk Gift Card(s) Winter Offer 2015 The Offer A maximum of £100 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card** can be claimed by eligible new custo… Read more
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Hi, I got my quidco and the £30 voucher. Nice.


not had my unique reference number yet? how long did it take after ordering for yours to come thanks


if you have 2 people works out at £50 each home start, roadside and 3day hire car if yours cant be fixed pending the cash back being paid + may get the amazon voucher on top £30


Never had an issue with RAC not paying out on Quidco, At the moment it says payment will be made by March 18, and the gift card can be claimed until 21st May so worth going for. I always switch between the two as they always double the price on renewal so I've had to go with AA this year. If you are going with Quidco, I would try this as it often works even when the T&Cs exclude cashback site offers. If you can get both then you are geting roadside & relay for just £20 for the year


benasipro - You would have a long wait claiming from Quidco anyway! They take ages to pay up. Question is how much are the RAC charging for their services under this offer? I use the all-inclusive (but not including European cover) AutoAid scheme run by Boncaster Insurance Services in Brentwood, Essex which I have been a member of for years and years - I am currently paying less than £40 a year.

RAC Breakdown, Roadside, Recovery, At Home, Onward Travel £75
Found 24th Dec 2015Found 24th Dec 2015
RAC Breakdown, Roadside, Recovery, At Home, Onward Travel £75
RAC Breakdown, Roadside, Recovery, At Home, Onward Travel Best I can find and no need with hassle with cashbacks.

Yep I renewed yesterday too. My Topcashback paid out £80 last year too, so they paid me to have instead. Did take 3 months to verify and payout after putting in missing cashback claim. Well happy!!


Just used 31 Dec 2016 now £75.00 but you get everything, if you go on the RAC website this offer is worth £144.00 +. This was an excellent find.


How come this deal is cheaper than standard one?


​I cant believe,shame if i waited few extra days i could done it looking your deal.Anyway all best and happy new year.I think i need to stop for a while checking this site because i spend a fortune.


Had the worst experience with RAC, been a member for almost 2 years covered for parts and labour up to £850.00. ripping people off, will do anything just to charge you a lot of money despite being covered. Only front spring broke, asked me for a full service history, then had to go back to the garage to have it written that they did my service and then RAC rejected it, apparently garage that's been doin all my cars for the past 10years is not vat registered. Absolutely joke the whole RAC company. Do your google search on RAC customer reviews. Absolutely disgusting what RAC does to their customers!!!!