Race Pro (Xbox 360) - £12.99 @ Gamestation
Race Pro (Xbox 360) - £12.99 @ Gamestation

Race Pro (Xbox 360) - £12.99 @ Gamestation

Buy forBuy forBuy for£12.99
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Also 6% cashback through quidco


In store 14.99 and id guess 12.99 (2 for 20) pre-owned

nice price! heat added

£10 new in tesco

Bought this when it came out and sold it the same day...didnt enjoy the game...graphics are good but i dunno, it just didnt float my boat like it should have done - just an AVERAGE game IMHO

Great game and good price. Don't even bother if you don't have a steering wheel.


£10 new in tesco

Is it ? at my local they still wanted full price

£10 In Bournemouth

It's now 6% at quidco not 9%


£10 In Bournemouth

Bit too far for me to drive to then, well if I had a car that is

I cannot buy it won't let me add to basket so might have gone out of stock


It appears as if they don't want to pay quidco Co's going thru quidco you cannot add goods to basket.

Without quidco referral it's fine.

It's fine now must have been a glitch.

It's rubbish... Wait for Forza 3 :-D

aggggggghhhhhh I paid £35 when this came out. I guess the only games which hold their retail value are the COD series. But I guess that' the case when you want something on release day. But I agree with the guy who said wait for Forza 3. This game didn't do it for me.


£10 In Bournemouth

Tescos or Gamestation?

Wouldn't mind this game, looks quite good but user reviews seem to be pretty negative

OMG this is cheap. I pre-ordered this and played it the first day, some the next day, now its collecting dust. Pitiful game overall, you need a racing wheel to enjoy it marginally. Forza is a much better "Sim" racer.

GRID by far way better than this, you might still be able to pick that up for £10 on certain websites.
Cheap tho.

Some nice easy gamerscore though for those who like to rack up the achievements :thumbsup:

i too got this when first came out, gutted traded some better games to get it now its waiting to be traded against forza 3 cant wait till oct get rid of the thing!!!

waiting to trade a game doesn't sound like the best plan ever ;-)
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