Race Pro Xbox 360 £14.99 Delivered @ play.com
Race Pro Xbox 360 £14.99 Delivered @ play.com

Race Pro Xbox 360 £14.99 Delivered @ play.com

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Got to be the cheapest about for this @ present not a bad racing game either I had it on my 360 when it first came out and I enjoyed it


Had considered this one myself recently [Amazon have it for £16.24] but all the bad reviews put me off.....

Not voted either way.

I've given heat because it's obviously the lowest price for this. 72% at Metacritic including an 85% score from IGN.

How can a few bad reviews affect whether this is a bargain or not? We're not voting for whether we love the game or not.

Oooh tempted. Got TONS of games on the go already, though

I'm gonna give heat, cus it is a good price compared to everywhere else.

However, I think the Burnout Paradise + Trivial Pursuit for £16 is MUCH better. Burnout is a far far better racing game.

Good game, just been playing it infact. But please do not compare Burnout to Racepro. Burnout is an over the top arcade affair whereas Racepro is in the racing simulation category.

I do like Burnout though, so dont think im hating on it. It just isnt a better RACING game.

Great game for die hard racing fans, but not for the average gamer who like arcade style games. Heat added.

Thinking of giving this a try, i enjoyed Forza 2 alot but h8 other racing games like PRG4, N4S

I recommend Racedriver: GRID if you want a racer that is SIM meets arcade without having to worry about endlessly customising your exhaust, engine, etc.

Really solid graphics, beefy sound, damage physics that affect your handling and encourage concentration, etc.

It's a good price for a game so recently released. But if you're a Hardcore Sim/Forza2 player you'll be very disappointed with this. Even after the bug fixes the cars have no weight and the handling/feel of the game is appaling.

If you have the wheel then this is amazing with it.

I find that this game suits the wheel a lot better than Forza 2.
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