Racedriver: GRID (PC) £4.99 @ Gamestation
Racedriver: GRID (PC) £4.99 @ Gamestation

Racedriver: GRID (PC) £4.99 @ Gamestation

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Cheapest I've seen the PC game on its own (it's part of a 3-pack as well if you look at earlier postings, but I've got Dirt already). Don't know when the offer ends, but it's flagged as NEW at the time of this posting.


Awesome game, Great Online, Brillant with a group of friends.

The clan im in ran a Grid Competition over 12 races and the winner got an Intel Gaming Kit.

You had to nominate a event & track and you got double points for you race, Was a well good night! such a laugh

Fraps it and put it on you tube loads of movies.


Well be doing another one soon.


Highly recommend the Dargos mod, easy to install and much nicer lighting. Ultra High/Enhanced Ultra are worth a look but though they sound good in principle I've had issues and decided they're not worth the hassle.

Amazed how good this game still looks on PC.

Thanks and 6% via Quidco

Thanks for this thread - it's just cost me an hour and half when I should have been 'working at home'.

Got the game recently, put on and went straight into a race - didn't like and not a patch on Dirt2. Gave it another go today tho and it is good fun. Less technical than Dirt2 but more outright dogged racing, and the graphics aren't too far off Dirt2.

The game's pretty fun. I don't this qualifies as that hot a deal given that it's been on Steam a few times for £3.50, also available from an Amazon Marketplace seller for £5.14 delivered.

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My copy just turned up, which wasn't bad (less than 2 days after I ordered it and posted up about the offer). Don't forget that there's an official Codemasters 1.3 ]patch for the game that you should also download and apply.
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