Racedriver Grid: Reloaded PS3 £13.44  Xbox £15 @ tesco

Racedriver Grid: Reloaded PS3 £13.44 Xbox £15 @ tesco

Found 8th Oct 2010
The Race Driver series has gone back to basics with Race Driver: GRID, from the creators of the Colin McRae title DiRT.

The car tuning and realistic control schemes of previous Race Driver titles have been ditched in favour of fast cars, varied gameplay options and a more arcade-like feel. Race modes include Le Mans races, muscle car events and even drift matches, which take place across the globe in cities such as San Francisco and Shibuya. The focus here is on speed, sleek gameplay and impressive crash mechanics.

Those who need a helping hand on the track will find it in the replay function, which lets players literally rewind time to avoid a nasty crash, or just try a corner one more time with a better racing line. This also lets players relive a crash in slow motion, and watch their car crumple and smash in reverse repeatedly.

Race Driver: GRID drives the line between realistic simulation and fast-paced arcade title, and produces something fresh and compelling in the process. Fans of both styles of racing should find something to enjoy here.


Fantastic game!

I've spent many many hours playing this... love it!

Cheers mate.

What is this? GRID for the PS3?

GRID on the XBOX is just plain ace.
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