Racing Grannies - £5.00 delivered
Racing Grannies - £5.00 delivered

Racing Grannies - £5.00 delivered

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Set of 2 wind-up grannies
Size: - Individual Granny: 8 x 6 x 4cm
Comes packaged in an illustrated box

Watch out!

These grannies can move when they want to, just wind them up and let the race begin, make sure you don't get anything in their way otherwise you'll be in for a stern telling off by the pair of them!

Racing Nuns also available play.com/Gad…000
- centurion^


Original Poster


So is this the new Gran Turismo? :-D

No offence intended centurion^, but utter waste of a fiver :oops:

Buy 12 units and have your own 'Granny Grand Prix !'.:w00t:

We ordered these (more expensive though!) and when we tried them out they just fell over straight away.

Got a refund

I was just thinking... why would anyone want these? :whistling:

I bought these for my mum when she was sixty. The fighting grandads are better though, i got them for my dad's sixty fifth.

:giggle: These are the funniest gadgets I've seen for ages but I'm still not buying them... I see turbo grans racing past my house every day for real.

It's amazing the speed they can travel at and I am sure they are breaking the 30mph speed limit (the turbo grans not these toys!).

These were £1.99 @ PLAY last month (]here)...................I thought they were overpriced then............:roll:
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