Rack of Spare Ribs £2.99 KG at Morrisons

Rack of Spare Ribs £2.99 KG at Morrisons

Found 8th Jan 2010
Just been up to Morrisons to get a rack of ribs and they are on special offer £2.99 KG normally around £4.49 mark (normally get around 10 ribs to a rack) and require little or no trimming

They are delicious when you make your own spare ribs.
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If anyone wants a recipe can recommend this ]one simple and delicious
Heat added for a good deal, however feel quite sick looking at your avatar!! Its give me vertigo hehe
Hello, great find re ribs

agree with remark about avatar-it could bring on a migraine!!
mmmm look good
1970 backwards, ribs, chicken wing, pork skin, fish head etc, that sort of things only for bin not even good enough for dog, but todays £2.99 per/kg it called bargain, world have changed.
These Morrison ribs are great - if you have a pressure cooker you can put them in there for 10 minutes instead of boiling them for 90. They keep for ages in the freezer raw so buy them now and save them for the good weather and the BBQ! They also keep well in the fridge and probably the freezer after you have boiled them. I'll definitely be buying some.
they are 3 pounds a kilo now on offer!
now £4 a Kilo on offer. normally £5.20 a Kilo!
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