Racket Sports Party (with Motion-Tracking Camera) Wii £9.99 delivered @ Play

Racket Sports Party (with Motion-Tracking Camera) Wii £9.99 delivered @ Play

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Very good price for this, the cheapst without the camera is £9.99 - Amazon done the usual pricematch thing (no quidco though) but elsewhere:-
Blockbuster £19.98
HMV £24.99
Game Gears £32.80
Tesco £36.00

For the first time ever, Racket Sports Party offers the possibility to play Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Beach Tennis, all in one game! Compatible with Ubisoft's Motion-Tracking Camera, already used in the fitness game 'Your Shape', and Wii MotionPlus, Racket Sports Party delivers an attractive, interactive experience where family and friends will have fun serving, rallying, and smashing their way to the finals!

Racket Sports Party's minigames and tournaments transport players to 40 spectacular locations, such as a Moroccan palace, a casino in Las Vegas, a crowded stadium, a modern loft in New York, or a cruise ship on the Nile! Everyone can get into the action with easy-to-use controls that accurately reproduce the player's movements. Players have the option to use the Wii MotionPlus for more precision and impressive spins. Furthermore, this multi-sport game is designed to take advantage of Ubisoft's Motion-Tracking Camera. This technology recognises the player's every movement and allows for controller-free gameplay, an unprecedented experience for Wii users.

Through its multiplayer split-screen mode, Racket Sports Party makes it possible to collaborate with friends and relatives, or compete against each other in order to become the court champion. There are 6 different game modes in total, providing hours of fun for everyone. In addition, players have the ability to customise the face, body and clothes of their characters with over 27 different looks and accessories. Competition has never been so fun!

With appealing graphics, numerous game modes, and stunning precision thanks to compatibility with the latest accessories, Racket Sports Party makes any smash, service, drop shot, or backhand as enjoyable as the real thing!


The same price on amazon.

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The same price on amazon.

Yup, that's what I said agaciha

reviews would suggest that this isn't worth a tenner even for the camera, expect it to be going for 3 quid at argos like in the movies for xbox was after xmas

Decided not to bother after finding a poor review.
Went for "Your Shape" instead - tp get the camera!

But thanks for posting.

what does the camera do?

scrap that, just had a look at the video on the your shape page.

Very good price - thanks.
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