Raclette Grill only £16.99 at Lidl TODAY!!!!

Raclette Grill only £16.99 at Lidl TODAY!!!!

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Found 26th Nov 2012
We have one of these from John Lewis and thought it was a good buy at £39.99 - this one is only £16.99 and looks like it does the same job.

Also comes with a 3yr guarantee
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These are brill! .................. brill grill!
I love this site, but the big problem for me is seeing stuff I've never heard of before and thinking I must have I must have it! :DThis looks great, a small kitchen appliance that we would make regular use of. Will pop in store after work. Thank you.
Oh I LOVE raclette. Where's the cheapest place to buy raclette cheese?
I was once invited for a raclette dinner. Brilliant! It's so impressive and guests love it. I so much wanted one. But I do not have infinite space in my kitchen... so giving it a miss....
@Mark2111 - its not available until the 3rd Dec, but definitely worth a trip to Lidl then
@jamiebeags - you can use any cheese on them (the more it melts the better!)- I love haloumi cheese - soooooo nice!
Great price. We love using ours when we have guests over!
What do you cook with these then?

What do you cook with these then?

whatever you like! you can add small bits of meat or fish & top with cheese, or anything to the little individual trays & pop them under the grill while you all sit around the table & get stoned / plastered or whatever!
they are great for veggies too!

Everyone has their own trays so no contamination. Mini sweetcorns are good on the little trays... with cheese on top

We have even cooked a fry up on ours - great fun!!!
this is like a cheap looking george formby grill
Lidl stock cheeses in packs for the Raclette
If you are looking for raclette cheese, its pretty rare in UK shops. However the Christmas markets at the moment usually have some on a "cheese stall". Raclette cheese is quite smelly, but mild when cooked. Chedder just isn't the same. I seem to have made myself hungry...... To the raclette!
Anyone tried this with steaks?
@RyanDOT - YES, works brilliantly!

Anyone tried this with steaks?

Yes, it's a grill you can cook anything under it as long as it fits on the diddy grill pan!
I shall be buying one then, thanks guys

Anyone tried this with steaks?

Yes, I buy rump and cut it into smallish pieces. Cooks in minutes and its melt in the mouth! Obviously fillet steak is lovely too but I cant always afford it!

We love our raclette. We even clean the top and make pancakes on it for dessert!

Great buy!

Lidl stock cheeses in packs for the Raclette

Thanks, I didn't know that. I must pop down ther next time we have raclette. The last time I went to Waitrose & it cost a fortune!!
My George Foreman is on its way out, would this be a suitable replacement or is it much more for parties & things, rather than every day cooking?
i'd say its more for parties rather than everyday use, plus with a G.F you can drain the fat off, etc.
HOT !!!
A side note for anyone looking to buy the grill. I got one from Lidl when they were doing a similar deal; thinking I can get more raclette cheese from Lidl anytime. However, they/Lidl don't actually sell Raclette Cheese, and the only reason they had it was because of a promotional special (to sell the grill - I guess)!.
are these really any good?? anyone got any good recipes

are these really any good?? anyone got any good recipes

- Turn on grill
- Put food on grill
- Eat, drink and be merry
- Open all the windows as your entire house now reeks of burned meat
Please note folks these ARE NOT everyday cooking appliances. They are kind of a grill version of fondue. They are superb with spanish hams and cheeses and even quails eggs YUM !
Morrison's sell reblochon which works well
These are great, good when you can't be bothered to cook a meal and have guests coming round, get them to cook themselves! Lol! The mother in law has one and we were all invited for a meal. I was relieved when she said we were cooking on a raclette cause she can't cook lmao
Raclette cheese is on offer at Lidl from 3 Dec the same date as the raclette m/c. It's £2.69 for a 400g pack. It freezes well.
These are dead sociable way to entertain people and your not stuck in the kitchen all night cooking. Stone ones are better but also cost a lot more, we have one of lidl's.

We make a massive pot of mash potato and put it the the little cooking dishes with garlic butter and cheese and its so moreish with the meat.
The only downside is the cleaning - I always find if you put into soak straight away it's a lot easier!
Is this ideal for burgers and steaks on a weekly basis?
@RyanDOT - I wouldn't say this is an "everyday item" - its more of a social thing - but i suppose there is no harm in using it for the above, especially it you wanted to cook multiple steaks / burgers at the same time - even better if everyone wants to do their own!
Oh right, I will still buy one though. Thank you so much
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Raclette cheese is on offer at Lidl from 3 Dec the same date as the … Raclette cheese is on offer at Lidl from 3 Dec the same date as the raclette m/c. It's £2.69 for a 400g pack. It freezes well.

According to the leaflet, the cheese was available from the 29th of November.
Available Today
Off to Lidl after work to see if I can bag a couple off these, 1 for me and 1 as a pressie.
got one today, thanks OP. looks good for the price. they also had a few packets of the cheese available too
I bought mine this morning. went back at lunchtime and they were sold out - must be popular!
None in my local today! but got lucky and bought brand new in box of facebook selling site for £8.00 and its the one with stone grill too so very pleased:D, bought the raclette cheese tho! cant wait to try this out at the weekend..
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