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Radiator Insulation Foil Reflector Roll 0.6m x 5m - £8.95 @ Trade-Mart eBay

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If you want more than one better discount ebay.co.uk/itm…604
Thanks @ GapsOfTheGod
Good reviews and thousands sold.Not a bad idea at the moment.

No need to remove radiator • Easily cut with scissors• Reduce Heating Bills • Increase boiler efficiency and Life!
Yuzet Easy Fit Radiator Heat Reflecting Foil. Simply Cut to size and fit behind Radiators using double sided tape (sold separately) ( see instructions below ) Reflects Heat back into rooms and prevents walls absorbing heat, ideal for cutting fuel bills.

Installation instructions:Trim panels to fit between radiator hanging brackets, Cut slits in line with radiator bracket, if required.Use double sided mounting tape to mountPlace so top of panel is not visible at eye level with top of radiatorOnce installed dust surface of foil for improved performance.
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    My living room radiator is under the window and very very close to the wall, put this stuff behind it (literally threaded it behind the gap is that close) and you can feel the difference. Did the same in the bedrooms and the difference is massive!
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    I've been thinking about getting some of this. Anyone got any idea for fixing it so as it's not so visible as in the photo on the deal above? Thanks (edited)
    I’ve treaded a straightened out coat hanger through an overlap on the foil. This then sits on the radiator brackets, so the foil can be easily removed if necessary.
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    3 packs for £18.99 here.
    Same company different quantity thanks
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    I did two houses last summer

    foil was twice this price

    I made proper cardboard templates which you can cut to fit within the radiator profile if you wish to hide them although the more area you cover, the better it will work.

    Then I glued the foil to the cardboard

    I fixed some permanently and then smaller ones just so I can lift out in summer

    worth every penny, even at twice the price

    PS; I previously used tin foil behind one Radiator (on cardboard) for 20 years but this works better (edited)
    Why lift them out in the summer, just don't turn the heating on
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    Serious question - why not just use tin foil instead to reflect the heat ?
    should work fine. but ideally you'd want to stick it onto card first - maybe use that bunch of amazon boxes. So now the decision is based on what is your time worth?
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    Also works well to stop the government reading your thoughts. Heat
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    I ordered the 3 pack for £19
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    Is there some published research on this? I was thinking of putting expanded polystyrene instead with thick bacofoil glued on it on external wall radiators
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    Trying it out on my shed cheers for posting.
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    Does fitting this actually work and truly reflect the heat back in the room?
    Definitely does.
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    Sadly doesn't ship to NI
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    What's the thickness and r value of this?
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    you can also use foil backed hardwood floor underlay if you have some , that’s what i used on a couple of rads and worked 
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    I have cavity wall insulation so do I still need this
    Depends if you want to heat your cavity walls or the room.
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    How do you stick it to the wall?
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    Can it be printed
    Wouldn’t recommend it in the inkjet printer.
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    ordered the 3 pack. thanks