Radio controlled alarm clock etc £4.99 @ Aldi

Radio controlled alarm clock etc £4.99 @ Aldi

Found 9th Dec 2010
This radio controlled alarm clock that has other features, is in my opinion of excellent quality. (I bought four which is just as well). The packaging is very good, the clock has a three yr warranty. It feels and looks good and appears remarkably robust and stable. I chose the flatter of the two designs fearing the upright one might topple over, but having now seen them, it is a fear unjustified IMO. Batteries are supplied and once inserted within 2/3 mins, the clock is accurate to a second and will remain that way forever.

* LCD display with colour backlight
* Automatic time/date – synchronisation by radio signal
* 12/24 hour clock (including world time zones)
* Alarm with snooze function
* Date (month/day/weekday) display
* Temperature display
* Available in 2 models
* Batteries included

We have three radio controlled wall clocks and knowing that they are are always right, not a minute fast or slow, is most satisfying.
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does it tick or hum ? I'm looking for a silent clock that won't bother me when I can't sleep. Thanks
I've a couple of these - Absolutely no noise - Until the alarm goes off. The other thing I really like (assuming exacly same mode as mine) is that you can program 2 separate alarm times - Mon-Fri and a weekend one.
it makes NO sound and yes, there are two options for alarm (working week and week-end)
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