Radio Controlled Pixie Helicopter (pico z?) £9.69 including Quidco

Radio Controlled Pixie Helicopter (pico z?) £9.69 including Quidco

Found 14th Aug 2007
Bought one of these for my son last week , just short of £20 from Amazon. His is the Pico Z,looking at the picture and specs it looks identical, great fun as well.
Pixie Radio Controlled Mini Helicopter
Description At last, it's here - a true 27MHz radio controlled mini helicopter that doesn't have the disadvantages of the similar models using Infra Red remote control. The helicopter's internal 3.7V Li-Poly (lithium polymer) battery is charged directly from the transmitter meaning no extra cables or plug-in transformers are required. A full charge of 20-30 minutes will give you approximately 6 minutes of flight time! Proportional control allows you full manoeuvrability including height & hover and yaw to point the helicopter's nose in the direction you want. Yaw trimming is made easy by a small thumb wheel for accurate and precise flight. Small aluminium sticker/weights are included to adjust the performance e.g. add more weight to the nose and the helicopter will fly forwards faster! Fly high outside in full sunlight without fear of signal interference from the sun's rays. This 27MHz radio control takes mini helicopters to the next level. Full instructions as well a spare tail rotor blade are included. The transmitter requires 6 x AA batteries. Recommend for indoor flight only.
Specification 27MHz Radio Control
Super Miniature Helicopter
10g In Air Weight
Li-Poly Battery Technology
Auto-Stable and Precision Control
Warranty The 1 year warranty applies to manufacturing defects only. Any damage and wear or tear caused during use is not covered by the warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights. Spares will be available shortly


hot cos I like RC

The description sounds a bit confusing to me... first it says "Fly high outside in full sunlight without fear of signal interference from the sun's rays." and then on the next line "Recommend for indoor flight only." ??

Mind you it does look like quite a bit of fun for under £10 !

£3.75 postage though

Anyone know if these are as good as the Picoo Z's

picoz are the best even though they are infra-red its wideband so its quite good,i think the radio signal canes the battery time on these cheap ones so less time flying, definate not for outdoor use,i use mine indoors and even the waft from a warm radiator makes it tricky to fly,mine was £20 from toysrus ,my brother bought a cheaper version and he said its not as good as mine at flying and controlling,im afraid you get what you pay for.... stick with the original picoz if you wanna impress ur mates...


Voted cold, as its not a picoo z but the description says it is.

no it doesn't say it is a pico z but it looks identical to a pico z !! read it properly


Read the thread title....."Radio Controlled Pixie Helicopter (pico z) … Read the thread title....."Radio Controlled Pixie Helicopter (pico z) £9.99"

read the description and stop being a picky little -

Sup Foxy, all,

I had one of these and it had to be returned because it just span around in circles, however the replacement flew better than my Picoo Z, the only drawback was it wasnt as powerful, but i find my latest Picoo Z too powerful anyway-the thing is damn near impossible to fly. Build quality is generally OK, i've broken my main rotor though (after much use i might add) and the tail blade is fixed on allot better than the Picoo Z's. Also, the handset is a little different, charging times are quicker also.

Its tit for tat really, personally i prefer the fake one i think, its nicer to fly than my Picoo, very stable and responsive, i just wonder if i was lucky though.

In short, buy from a reputeable retailer (so you can send the duff ones back) and you'll probably be OK.

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Still in stock!!!
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