Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike Was £160 Now £42.41 Amazon Free Del

Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike Was £160 Now £42.41 Amazon Free Del

Found 9th Aug 2014
Brought one for my son the other day, I know there are cheaper versions/brands of these trikes about but i have always liked the retroness of the Radio flyer ones and they are great quality.

When I first posted this was £53 but now it been reduced another £10 making it even more or a better deal.
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Have to get one of these,one for the kids 2
RRP is NOT a 'was' price.
I love these... was so very tempted to get one when we were out in the States a few months back but luggage was bulging as it was!!! HOT price - as they're normally a fortune here.
Anyone know how much Costco charge for these?
No reviews on amazon.
Costco is £69.99 but it's for one baby and a toddler it's a better version I think in Costco. Has a buggy board on back.
The Costco one is here…053

Much better value, I bought one a few months ago. Quality parts and adjusts as they get older.
I saw the Costco one first, thats what got me looking for them but i didn't choose that one in the end due to my little big being 2 wouldn't need the seat belt! hood push along bar etc and it looking very long once adapted to just a trike also someone said to me that it would be very hard for a toddler to pedal along with the weight of another on the back so i thought this was a bit pointless for us personally.

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I don't think it's for when they peddling to use the board I think it's for when your pushing a 9 month plus old etc.
I've got the slightly larger one of these where a second child can stand on the tray at the back. Miles better quality than many I've seen in terms of sturdy materials etc. Had a coupe of issues though. There is a switch on the wheel which turns the pedals on or off. This kept slipping when going over bumps which made the wheel make an annoying ticking sound. As my son was a way off being able to pedal I took it apart and removed the gearing so the pedals don't work at all at the mo. I can't be sure but would have thought this has the same mechanism. Also I find my son slides to the front of the seat which is not very comfortable. I'm looking out for a cushion to strap on to make it a bit better.
Has been reduced another £10 to £42.41 since I last posted

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Good deal
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