Radiohead: Pablo Honey (CD) - £2.99 @ Play.com (free delivery)
Radiohead: Pablo Honey (CD) - £2.99 @ Play.com (free delivery)

Radiohead: Pablo Honey (CD) - £2.99 @ Play.com (free delivery)

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Clearance. Radiohead's debut album for a very tidy £2.99. Not their best, but still ahead of most of the pack.

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Argos £4.8

It's that old story: unknown British band gets an American hit single, gets huge off the back of that one song, and the success ends up destroying them. Fortunately, Oxford quintet Radiohead were the exception that proves the rule. Radiohead's albatross was "Creep"--a titanic anthem to paranoia, self-hatred and self-obsession, utterly huge in every way. Pablo Honey, though, is much more than filler. "Anyone Can Play Guitar" is certainly as good as "Creep"; swathed in walls of feedback, it races blindly into a apocalyptic chorus, frontman Thom Yorke singing "As the world turns and as London burns, I'll be standing on the beach with my guitar." Certainly, indie-rock seldom got better than this, and elsewhere "Vegetable" and "Prove Yourself" pulled similar pyrotechnical tricks. Pablo Honey was later superseded by first The Bends, and later OK Computer, but it's certainly much more than a curious debut.

Track List:

1. You
2. Creep
3. How Do You?
4. Stop Whispering
5. Thinking About You
6. Anyone Can Play Guitar
7. Ripcord
8. Vegetable
9. Prove Yourself
10. I Can't
11. Lurgee
12. Blow Out


Great CD!

Had this CD when it first came out, definitely recommend it at this price.

Have some heat!

Cold, you can buy it for a quid or less anywhere that you can buy second-hand CDs, and all without further damaging the environment.


Good price, however I've already downl...... er, I mean bought this CD

A great album, made before they disappeared up their own ****.
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