Radox 500ml various 85p @ Morrisons

Radox 500ml various 85p @ Morrisons

Found 11th Nov 2016Made hot 11th Nov 2016
Usually grab it when it's a pound, cheapest I have seen it.


Had a lovely bubble bath this afternoon after picking up a couple yesterday. Not had a Radox bath in ages and it was great. The red muscle one is my fave.

Great price. For those without a Morrisons locally it's 90p at Amazon Pantry (which is supplied by morrisons) but it's £2.99 delivery (for a big box that can fit quite a lot of stuff in).

Always reminds me of 'Rodox'.

20p cashback on shopitize if they havnt banned you

I was wondering whether to mention Shopitize but thought the OP might end up with a negative score instead of heat!

good find op, heat added

Thanks OP. Love the Relax and Stress Free scents. Heat added.
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