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Posted 21 January 2023

Radox Protect + Replenish Antibacterial Liquid Handwash 250ml - 29p @ Farmfoods (Cheltenham)

In store: Gloucestershire · FarmFoods Deals
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Release the natural properties of Radox’s blend, enriched with thyme and tea tree to leave your hands feeling protected and replenished.
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  1. donaldmcgill2's avatar
    Been this price since last summer but I have never seen it instore. Only seen it in their leaflets.
    amour3k's avatar
    "Been this price since last summer"


    Before summer, even.

    I can't say I've ever seen it advertised is their leaflets though (or perhaps that was just me, not seeing it at the time, or something).
  2. banjomike's avatar
    My local never has this.
  3. amour3k's avatar
    In case anyone's interested, and they're close enough to Ilford way, Ilford FarmFoods sporadically has these (since last Year).

    I'm not sure about Walthamstow FarmFoods though, as it's been a while since I passed that one too - though one tends to often have the same as the other (from my own personal experience, in the past, anyway). :-)
  4. Badonkadonk's avatar
    I’ve had these for ages, it’s a great price and nice product but I found it quite drying. Can’t argue with 29p though.
    jdbigguy's avatar
    I bet you could if you put your mind to it.
  5. BrownBobby's avatar
    These are in Harlow frequently, smell nice and very thick consistency but can dry hands out, especially kids so I mixed it 50/50 with Lidl moisturising hand wash, still good price tho!
    My son actually likes bottle for shower gel at gym and mixed 50/50, works a treat and goes far as shower gel too!!
  6. jdbigguy's avatar
    Dagenham's store get these from time to time. Great value
  7. katek's avatar
    Picked up some of the moisturising one in an Ipswich farm foods a couple of weeks ago for the same price.
    amour3k's avatar
    I bought at least 10+ of the OP's anti-bacterial one, last Year, over 2 separate occasions (at this price, it's literally a non-brainer, if I'm honest?).

    Either way, I'm yet to break into 1 of them. :-D

    As I was in 2 mind's as to whether to either take them allllllll back home with me (and leave then there indefinitely - for future moments of as/when I'm there, etc?

    Or use them allllllll here instead?

    And/or, a combination of the 2?

    Etc etc etc etc.

    Simply put, in the interim, they're all currently just sitting there.

    And even though I have (quote/unquote), a "few" (other than it's nice smell that is), I've no clue as to what it's like, other than that. :-)

    The reason I'm saying that is on account that quite a few on here are complaining about the drying out capabilities of it, and suchlike's?

    So, my question is, what's the moisturising version of this one like?

    And/or, what's the moisturising version of this one like, in comparison to that of the anti-bacterial one instead, etc?

    Have you managed to play about with the 2 yet, in order to be able to compare the differences of such, yet?

    Or ...

    (As I'm still yet unaware of the drying/non-drying capabilities of either, etc).

  8. Babyflame's avatar
    This is super drying on the skin, wouldn't recommend even for that price.
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