Radox shower gels 40p @ Asda instore

Radox shower gels 40p @ Asda instore

LocalFound 15th Aug 2015
Rotherham asda certain Radox shower gels 40p mandarin and lemongrass left, coconut ones sold out
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Free if you use shopitize then... 40p cashback this week! Top find
I did for the first one couldn't resist getting 3 lots at that price
Don't think I've ever found an Asda offer when it's been posted on HDUK. Just saying.
Same asda had berry Radox shower gel on today 50p
Having different ones reduced every other day by looks of it, clearing them out
I don't use the cheap shower gels/ Shampoos because they are loaded with sodium Laurel sulphate
"Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is an anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). SLES is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent.[1] SLES, SLS, ALS and sodium pareth sulfate are surfactants that are used in many cosmetic products for their cleansing and emulsifying properties. They behave similarly to soap.
1,4-Dioxane contamination[edit]

Some products containing SLES have been found to also contain traces (up to 279 ppm) of 1,4-dioxane; this is formed as a by-product during the ethoxylation step of its synthesis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that these levels be monitored.[8] The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies 1,4-dioxane to be a probable human carcinogen (not observed in epidemiological studies of workers using the compound, but resulting in more cancer cases in controlled animal studies), and a known irritant with a no-observed-adverse-effects level of 400 milligrams per cubic meter at concentrations significantly higher than those found in commercial products.[9] Under Proposition 65, 1,4-dioxane is classified in the U.S. state of California to cause cancer.[10][11] The FDA encourages manufacturers to remove 1,4-dioxane, though it is not required by federal law.[12]

It is a known Skin irritant and is known to cause cancer just hasn't been proven yet!!
theres a reason why it is a £ or 40p
This isn't a site for debates on washing products, it's purely a post for hot uk deals. If you've a problem with Radox or any other particular branded products get in touch with them or their customer service....
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