Radsail EVO Trainer Power Kite  2m £41.97  @ Costco - for all those who missed out

Radsail EVO Trainer Power Kite 2m £41.97 @ Costco - for all those who missed out

Found 8th Nov 2008
For all those who missed out on the play.com for this kite, i went into costco and they have dozens of these in the manchester one for 41.97 inclusive of VAT. I know its a little dearer than play but its still a good £30.00s off from everywhere else.

The Radsail EVO Trainer Power Kite is a downsized version of more powerful kites and is the best choice trainer kite for complete novices looking to progress onto kite board sports such as kitesurfing or kite landboading.

The Radsail EVO Trainer Power kite is supplied ready to fly with a simple 2 line control bar system with a wrist leash safety system, enabling novices to familiarise themselves with the flying techniques associated with more complex control bar kites such as those used for kite surfing or kite landboarding. The power of the kite can be released in an instant by letting go of the control bar, causing the kite to fall from the sky whilst still connected to the safety wrist leash.

If you're planning on taking kite surf lessons or are looking to improve your confidence, the Radsail EVO Power Kite is an ideal purchase and will significantly enhance your kite control skills, making progression faster and easier.

This is 70 to 80 pounds everywhere else! Bagged myself a bargain for teaching others how to fly power kites. Comes with a 2 line bar not handles. Ideal for beginers and children alike. Can draw a lot of power though so under supervision is best.

Great summer fun for everyone!!!!

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Power kiting is a fantastic sport!! I have a Flexifoil Blade. Its given me hours of endless fun and would urge anyone to give this sport a try!

This would be a brill xmas pressie for anyone a little adventurous! Esp' at £42!!
do you not need to be a member

to purchase at costco?
im sure u know afriend whose a member! thts how i go x lmao
find a friend theyll help u out to get one
Doesn't a true power kite need to be 4 lie so you have control over it?
Well the truth behind that is yes and no! four line kites you can have more control over than 2 line kites due to the addition of brake lines to the rear of the wing. You can get equally as much power out of a two line kite as 4, they just fly in a different way. One might say that you can make a 4 line kite more predictable, but for power it really goes off the wingspan and the designed angle of attack that the kite has. This will tell you how quick a response the kite will have to the wind etc.
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