Raging Bull (Blu-ray) £4.99 @ Play

Raging Bull (Blu-ray) £4.99 @ Play

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Great film. Bargain too. You don't usually see classic films at this price on Blu-Ray.

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Raging Bull is arguably the finest work from the Scorsese and De Niro partnership. De Niro gives an amazing portrayal of a man whose animal side lurks just beneath the surface, ever ready to erupt. Vivid and unremitting in its uncompromising brutality and honesty, the fight sequences are famed for their realism.

Violent throughout, this film is a testament to Scorsese's and De Niro skills, creating a thoroughly absorbing film about such an unlikable character.

Renowned for throwing himself into the roles of the character, De Niro went on a diet to gain fifty pounds during the production for the role of the faded star.

Commentary By Director Martin Scorsese and Editor Thelma Schoonmaker
Cast & Crew Commentary, Irwin Winkler, Robbie Robertson, Robert Chartoff, Theresa Saldana, John Turturro, Frank Warner, Michael Chapman and Cis Corman
Storytellers Commentary With Mardik Martin, Paul Schrader, Jason Lustin and Jake Lamotta
Before The Fight - (The Writing, The Casting And Preproduction)
Inside The Ring - (The Choreography Of The Fight Scenes)
Outside The Ring - (Behind The Scenes Stories On The Making Of The Film)
After The Fight - (The Sound Design, The Music, The Impact Of The Film)
Deniro Vs. Lamotta
The Bronx Bull - Making Of Documentary
Lamotta Defends Title
Original Theatrical Trailer


That's a great find, have some heat.

just bought it cheers

what a price, many thx

Brilliant, cheers OP!

Great review here..



Super hot

Thank you - this is a true bargain!

Great find...ordered..cheers. (_;)

Knockout price.

I dont see the point of me upgrading this from dvd its black and white

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Superb film, excellent price, great find!


I dont see the point of me upgrading this from dvd its black and white

How very foolish of you. Did you even read the review?


I dont see the point of me upgrading this from dvd its black and white

I agree. Brilliant price, and if i didn't already own it on DVD i'd definitely buy it, but it's not a film i see making too much of a difference on blu-ray, especially as it is black and white.

Cheers. Ordered and heat stoked up.

Looks like a pricing error.
Checks out at 14.99 now.

Mine is packing.

hmmm... guess it will be packing for the next 14 months or so

mine has been dispatched


me too very surprised at that - I never catch these deals...guess I can't say that anymore

Thanks again OP!
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