Raging Rapid 8' Water Slide reduced from £199.99 to £79 @ Woolworths!
Raging Rapid 8' Water Slide reduced from £199.99 to £79 @ Woolworths!

Raging Rapid 8' Water Slide reduced from £199.99 to £79 @ Woolworths!

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The gushing water from the top of this Raging Rapids Slide means that your little ones can slip 'n' slide to their heart's content.

Suitable for ages 6 years+


8' waterslide
Connect to water hose for gushing, slippery sliding
Heavy duty 12" blower motor provides continuous air flow when in use
Tough material resists tears & punctures
Inflated Size: H250cm x W159cm x L463cm


do they have a picture of what the grass looks like after using these? i can tell you its not pretty.


Good deal clint

Your title say Rushing Rapids, when in fact it is called Raging rapid. When someone searches for this item it isnt coming up in the search as it is not posted under its proper name so i'm updating your title to Raging rapid.

Hope you dont mind - it just saves double posts.

isn't there a water shortage?

Yeah but there's a slide shortage too. So it evens out.


Yeah but there's a slide shortage too. So it evens out.

very, very funny.

i lol'd.


Is it battery or mains operated?

It will be mains powered - otherwise it would take about 100 AA an hour

Could probably be used without the water, just as a slide. My boys would love this but must resist.....

Wish I had 80 quid.
Wish I was 6 year old.

[COLOR="Red"]cause I only 4 and 3/4 years old.[/COLOR]

I bought the one from TJ Hughes that was posted here a couple of months back, the kids absolutely love it and it was the best £70 I've ever spent on them.

They work off a mains powered blower giving continuous airflow like a proper bouncy castle. You'll also need a hosepipe to connect up the water spray if you're not siting it near an outside tap. The one I got didn't come with the right adaptor for our Hozelock hose, so I had to buy one (only £1.50 from B&Q). They're not particularly slidy without the water on, so don't think you can buy one just to use as a regular slide. ;-)

The grass underneath would get pretty yellow if you leave it on one place, but seeing as you're not going to leave the blower on 24/7 it's easy enough to move it once deflated.

One thing I noticed was they had similar looking ones to this one in Tesco (more expensive though) and the 'splash zone' at the bottom of the slide is much shorter than the TJ Hughes one. Bearing in mind the kids hit the end of it at some speed, I'd hate them to have a shorter run!

Anyway, if you want to keep the young 'uns happy for many hours - go for it!

My kids have one - (paid full price - ouch) and they absolutley love it - keeps them occupied all day when the sun is out ( admittedly not as often as I'l like!). At this price a bargain. We fill the pool bit with water and don't attach the hose - it works great this way and doesn't use so much water

I think this one on Amazon UK is a far better slide for more than half the price (£29.99 delivered)


This has now been reduced to £59.99

Further reduced to £39.50 with free delivery
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