Ragu Traditional (500g) Sauce @ Sainsburys (Instore) only 36p (was £1.45)

Ragu Traditional (500g) Sauce @ Sainsburys (Instore) only 36p (was £1.45)

Found 12th Nov 2010
Instore in Wimbledon, may also be nationwide too!

Great price for the large bolognese sauce!
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Ragu is actually pretty nice. I always find home-made sauce is 'different' to shop stuff, I'm sure that home made stuff is proper bolognese but sometimes I just fancy the jar stuff. I'm sure if it wasnt claiming to be bolognese sauce people wouldnt complain so much and just enjoy the taste.

Good price, Makes it almost as cheap as basics stuff.
Times like this I wish I lived nearer a Sainsburys

Hot deal!!
can anyone confirm this is nationwide?
Bah, was just in there too!
Yes, I was in Sainsbury's earlier and would have had a look if I had known!
Excellent price. Sauce is quite nice too. I'll need to check.
this is tasty imo - dont like any of the other ragu ones (maybe some herb or wine taste and spicy has whole peppers which i hate)
very hot

*usual comment about how it's cheaper and healthier to make your own*Good … *usual comment about how it's cheaper and healthier to make your own*Good price, voted hot

Cheaper than 36p no chance
so is this natiowide?
Just checked in my local store in Exeter. It's 2 for £2.
checked in mine (first time visit i went for coke mainly which they had run out of woot)
other ragu marked 2 for 2quid, traditional marked as 1.45 no reduction and no multibuy with an empty space where they would have been.
possible end of line and at 36p just unmarked or..?
tried my local sainsburys the offer is not there.
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