Raid-5 Kit (3x320gb drives & controller) £146.86  delivered

Raid-5 Kit (3x320gb drives & controller) £146.86 delivered

Found 30th Jul 2007
(no direct link, listed on today only as below..)

3 x 320 Gb HGST Deskstar T7K500, SATA300, 7200 rpm, 16MB Cache, 8.5ms, NCQ + 1 x XFX REVO 64 SPU 3 Port SATA Raid Card (GAMING / MUSIC / SOHO)
Nice all in one kit. Can be set up for performance & redundancy (Raid 5). This means that if u loose 1 drive, you dont loose all the data on the volume, you can just replace the faulty drive.

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fyi, the xfx revo isnt raid5, its raid3, i should know, i have two of them sitting in my server.
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