"Raid Fly & Wasp Killer" £1.00 in store @ Morrisons

"Raid Fly & Wasp Killer" £1.00 in store @ Morrisons

Found 15th Aug 2013
If you're Seth Brundle then don't go to Morrisons today as they are selling "Raid Fly & Wasp Killer" for a £1.00
(£2.50 in other shops)
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good find, but how did u get a photo of my wife?
I believe Raid to be the best fly spray. Will buy a couple on my next visit to Morrisons
I can vouch for this stuff, very effective! Paid £2.50 in tesco for it though, bah!
man, thats some hangover !
sneaky fookin' prawn!
I think I went on a blind date with her once !

Seth Brundle
(....brother of Martin)
Hot for the pic!
I'm sure it will take quite a lot of fly killer to take him out
Wasps are very useful in the garden, and I'm not sure about the health implications of spraying this stuff around your house. I would avoid personally but each to their own.
If it can kill flys etc then imagine what this stuff must to to your lungs when inhaled, if you can smell it in the air then you are inhaling it, I will no longer use fly spray around the home and would rather use other methods of dispatch.....
I'm always amazed that more people don't own bug catchers. They've always been a household essential for us. Flies can't detect slow movement, so just move in slowly with a bug catcher, then let it out outside - it takes seconds. Saves spraying yucky stuff, waiting for it to die and then having to take it out anyway. And you know, you're not killing stuff. Which is always nice.
Hair spray will bring down flies...although opening the front door usually does the trick ! (they are drawn to the light...)

For wasps, the cheapest ant powder will kill the nest...
Also kills those hideous spiders.
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