Raid - Fly & Wasp Killer (300ml) for £1.69 @ home bargains

Raid - Fly & Wasp Killer (300ml) for £1.69 @ home bargains

Found 25th Aug 2017
Not the nicest of deals (if you love insects)...

Went to home bargains this evening and spotted this near the entrance. Needed this to kill off all the mosquitoes that come in to the home. It's very effective and kills flying insects in seconds.

For £1.69 is very cheap compared to other retailers that sell this for around £2.75, cheapest of them is Morrison's @ £2

Tesco - £2.75
ASDA - £2.75
Sainsbury's - £2.75
Morrisons - £2
Waitrose - £2.80
Ocado - £2.75

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I picked up some generic bug killer for £1 somewhere, probably B&M
Great price for Raid. But the £1.00 stuff is just as good.
I have the £1 spray too but find it less effective. When you spray the mosquitoe on target you have to spray it for at least 3 seconds for it to die but with Raid one second spray on target and you see it fall instantly which is great. I'll go back to using Raid again. Bottle lasts longer too.
They also have the Cocroach killer at the same price, which is very good for killing spiders.
@MYS do you work for Raid ?
donkey_spotter13 h, 49 m ago

@MYS do you work for Raid ?

Haha...I was being too detailed. They should give me a voucher for leaving a good review
Does this work on spiders too lol?
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