RAID World War II (PS4) £9.99 Delivered @ Base

RAID World War II (PS4) £9.99 Delivered @ Base

Found 20th Dec 2017
  • CLASSES - Players can choose from four different classes: Recon, Assault, Insurgent, or Demolitions
  • WAR CRIES - Each class has its unique War Cry - a powerful ability to be unleashed
  • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION -Our heroes are drawn from Great Britain, USA, Germany and the Soviet Union
  • WEAPON MODIFICATIONS - allows players to play around with these weapons, upgrade and customize
  • OPERATIONS - chained series of highly-modified raids, new storylines, unique content and objectives
  • CHALLENGE CARDS - Allow players to customize the "rules" of a raid, with buffs-debuffs
  • LOCATIONS - RAID: World War II takes place in locations across war-torn Europe

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That didn't take long to drop...haven't tried it myself, after the Payday 2 debacles I uninstalled and haven't touched anything related to it since.
Tried the open beta and was very underwhelmed
poor game not buying it
You can get amazing AAA games for £10 so this is a absolute waste of your money. It will probably be free in a few months
Looked at some of the review's and they all are bad, I will give it a miss
You would have to pay me to play this not the other way round
Shame was looking forward to this but these comments have put me off completely
Edited by: "catbeans" 20th Dec 2017
its supposed to be dreadful a broking mess thats not worth £1
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