Raiden V: Director's Cut - Limited Edition (PS4) £17.59 Delivered @ Base

Raiden V: Director's Cut - Limited Edition (PS4) £17.59 Delivered @ Base

Found 24th Jan 2018Edited by:"mixmixi"
Limited Edition set - Contains the epic Raiden V - Director's Cut plus the 22-track Official Soundtrack CD!

Eight levels of intense action - Pick from three ships and nine crazy weapons and blast your way through dynamic levels based in the real world.
Exclusive Director's Cut content This Special Edition of Raiden V contains amazing new features and content, including new levels and a local two-player co-op mode.

- PS4's most innovative shmup – Support other Raiden V players over PSN with the positivity-spreading Cheer System. Reward others' good play and call in extra help from their ships.
- Branching storyline – Carve your own path through dynamic stages and soak in the fully-narrated campaign.
- Real-time leaderboard graphs – Monitor your progress as you play with the on-screen graph that traces your performance against previous attempts, averages and others' high scores.
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Sooooo close to that £15 price. And yet, still sooooo far.
sold out
Hey! This is nothing to do with Mortal Kombat!
Now £17.59
mixmixi4 h, 37 m ago

Updated. Cheers.

Still the wrong side of £15 for my liking. But getting there... Tis only a matter of time.
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