Raijintek RGB Fan with Controller 120mm - 2 Pack £15.95 / £24.65 delivered @ Overclockers

Raijintek RGB Fan with Controller 120mm - 2 Pack £15.95 / £24.65 delivered @ Overclockers

Found 28th Oct 2017Edited by:"PhattyHUKD"
Only a small saving, but these are pretty good and dirt cheap for RGB fans. Replaced a 200mm fan with 2 of these today and my case is a lot cooler inside (and I'm not just talking about temps).

Edit: The deliver price has been edited in, but you can get a cheaper delivery (Royal Mail 1st class) for £4.65. Bringing the total price to only £20.60, about the price of one single Corsair RGB fan.
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What's the quality of these like? Never come across Raijintek before.
Is it quiet? How is it compare with noctua?
Free postage if you post so much in the forum has once again saved me a fortune
Looking at the specs these might not be worth considering if you're thinking about Noctua etc. You can only control the fan speed and colours with the included controller box, and only has two fan preset speeds, high and low. There is no option to plug them into you motherboard, all proprietary connections
If you want something cheap and fun, should be fine though.
Does those fan really differ much? i mean at same size and same rpm will air flow make any noctiable different?
I can't speak for these, but I have been using a Raijintek Themis CPU cooler for about 2 years, which just beats the really popular and more expensive Coolermaster Hyper 212 and It's so quiet I've never heard it over my case fans, it's currently cooling a Core i5-6600 and it has never gone above 60c.

So judging from the CPU cooler I'd say their other products are definitely worth a try.
Any good deals on 140mm fans?? Prefer quiet, hopefully decent static flow too!
Not bad since I paid just over £20 for each corsair hd120 in my case
JC199723 h, 26 m ago

Is it quiet? How is it compare with noctua?

The fan controller it comes with has two speed settings, on the lower setting I genuinely can't hear them spinning unless I put my ear to the case. Noctua's very likely beat them out in terms of quietness and performance, but you'll also be paying for that with Noctua fans.

I got them to replace the stock 200mm fan in a Thermaltake Core V21 case. Both 120mm fans spinning on the lower speed preset are quieter than the 200mm was spinning at 800RPM, and the air flow inside my case is considerably better. For instance, my CPU idle temps dropped to the lowest I've ever seen at 22c.

If you want some cheap and colourful fans to use for intake or exhaust, these are pretty good.
If you want fans for a CPU heatsink, or radiator, then you'll be best to get PWM controlled fans instead. .
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