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Posted 20 July 2022

Railway Empire Complete Collection (PC - Steam) - £9.98 @ Humble Bundle

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Build and manage a rail network for the ages in Railway Empire, the sprawling train industry strategy sim! Create an elaborate rail network, purchase 40+ detailed trains, and strive to keep your travel network ahead of the competition. This complete collection features the base game along with all 9 region add-on packs introducing new global areas, scenarios, engines, goods, and more. Build a travel empire around the world, and support your choice of charity with your purchase!
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    Make sure you adjust your donation towards the charity. (edited)
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    Nice. Collection topped up.
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    Brilliant game! And the full thing for the price of one dlc.
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    Great price
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    I have the base game, is the DLC stack worth a tenner?
    Depends, did you enjoy the base game? I loved it and I love all the DLC, some of the missions are really hard to attain the president rating in, and hit all gold ticks. If you like it then the DLC is 100% worth this price.
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    How is this compared to Railway Tycoon 2? Obviously there are decades difference in release but I just remember playing that when I was younger and enjoyed it.
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    The game itself is actually pretty good, but unfortunately there's one mechanic I simply couldn't look past when I tried Railway Empire.
    This is the opponents- RRT2 obviously had historical railroad barons, and whilst the AI could be a tad iffy, they were generally OK to play against & reasonably serious in tone.

    Railway Empire on the other hand has an obnoxious set of cartoon characters for opponents, who (far too) frequently pop up with atrociously voiced taunts you can't get rid of.
    Same problem with the advisor in the early missions.
    This made the entire game unplayable for me.

    (Sent far too many hours on RRT2, full golds through both original & TSC campaigns, big box editions for PC, Mac & Linux etc. )