Railway Empire - XBOX ONE/PS4 £29.99 at Amazon UK

Railway Empire - XBOX ONE/PS4 £29.99 at Amazon UK

Found 17th Feb
Just dropped from £39.99. Same price at GAME too.
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Printed Manual.

Almost makes it worth it. Love a good printed manual
Anyone played this game? What's it like?
Same as game(online) and base
Would this be better with a mouse and keyboard
Anywhere got it at that price to download now?
You can see easily which reviewers played it for a few hours, didn't understand the game, and slagged it off, against those that actually put the time in (10+ hours) across multiple playthroughs.

I'm going to hold off for now (as I've a ton of games to play atm) but Railway Empire certainly doesn't seem to be a disaster that some websites are claiming, and is much more involved than some of the recent Tycoon games on PC in recent years.
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