Railworks DLC Complete Pack 78% off £149.99 @ Steam

Railworks DLC Complete Pack 78% off £149.99 @ Steam

Found 7th Feb 2011
The whole Railworks DLC Complete Pack is 78% off and now at £149.99 for a limited time


687 quid normally... are they mad... seems overpriced at 150! what are they just add on trains??

There are a couple of new routes in here. e.g. West Coast Main Line North.
But as you say, you wouldn't want all the US trains (for example) if you live in the UK.

Anybody that has enough spare time to "play" with this lot - good luck to them!

I drive trains - REAL trains ! And have Railworks, but wouldn't dream of paying this amount. The UK only, maybe, but got it for £4 during Xmas sale on Steam.
....and still useless at it - a driver of REAL traisn !!!! X) X)

I thought playing with train sets was a bit sad but now simulation trains, oh my lord.

Wow, what a wast of money. I did buy the game when it was on here for a few quid but have never tried it yet.
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