Rainbow Glow Lamp - just £4.99 ! (was £14.99)

Rainbow Glow Lamp - just £4.99 ! (was £14.99)

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Found 19th Jul 2007
This Rainbow Glow Lamp is now just £4.99 @ Argos and would be great in a kidz / teenagers bedroom!


* Height 45cm * Base diameter 10cm * In-base switch.

* 4 modes of colour changing setting * Includes LED bulb.


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Your reservation will be held until the end of: Friday, 20th July 2007

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Congrats on pushing 10,000 millercat!

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Thanks Deal4Me Didnt think i'd ever get there ...

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my little one will love it thank you x

Nice one thanks

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picked one up on the way home from work, great for kids bedroom.

Everyone’s buying these for there little ones:) well I’m grown up “physically if not mentally:whistling: ” and I bought 2 of these for myself:-D
Thanks Millarcat

Just reserved a couple for the boy's bedroom.
Out of stock at 2/3 of my local Argos, though

Just ordered one myself. Nice find.

whats the colours like? are they sturdy? or can they be easily broken? (glass), i have mine reserved for tomorrow, but just wondering if you have yours now, whats it like? (suitability for a child)


yeah whtss it like/?

just got mine, excellent buy for the young lads bedroom to replace the old one which chugs and whines now.

Good value, was so impressed i bought another as an xmas gift for a friends child.

Very pleased with the two I picked up this afternoon.

Make great mood lights for those dark recesses in the living room and better quality than I expected.

Does any one know were i can get one from? Can not find any where that sell them at all : (

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