Rainbow Magic Stories Collection - 42 Books - £20 delivered @ The Book People (RRP £167)

Rainbow Magic Stories Collection - 42 Books - £20 delivered @ The Book People (RRP £167)

Found 6th Jul 2010
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Our biggest ever collection of Rainbow Magic should be greeted with cheers from young readers and their mothers alike! If you have a newly confident reader in your house, you'll know what an insatiable appetite they have for these stories and you'll also know how important it is to feed them with an endless supply of suitable fiction to ensure they get into the habit of reading. Rainbow Magic has a proven track record and these 42 stories tick all the right boxes...Engaging stories, broken into manageable chapters, ensure that reading is a pleasure not a pain. The gentle and familiar themes reinforce vocabulary and ensure essential reading practice to help build confidence. And while your child is busy with her nose in a book you can count your savings... one of these books usually retails for £3.99 but we've sprinkled a little fairy dust on this collection to bring all 42 books to you for a staggering £20... that's less than 50p a book!

Bella the Bunny Fairy
Penny the Pony Fairy
Lauren the Puppy Fairy
Harriet the Hamster Fairy
Katie the Kitten Fairy
Molly the Goldfish Fairy
Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy
Megan the Monday Fairy
Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy
Willow the Wednesday Fairy
Thea the Thursday Fairy
Freya the Friday Fairy
Sienna the Saturday Fairy
Sarah the Sunday Fairy
Ruby the Red Fairy
Amber the Orange Fairy
Saffron the Yellow Fairy
Fern the Green Fairy
Sky the Blue Fairy
Izzy the Indigo Fairy
Heather the Violet Fairy
Phoebe the Fashion Fairy
Melodie the Music Fairy
Honey the Sweet Fairy
Cherry the Cake Fairy
Grace the Glitter Fairy
Polly the Party Fan Fairy
Jasmine the Present Fairy
Crystal the Snow Fairy
Goldie the Sunshine Fairy
Pearl the Cloud Fairy
Abigail the Breeze Fairy
Storm the Lightning Fairy
Hayley the Rain Fairy
Evie the Mist Fairy
Scarlett the Garnet Fairy
Amy the Amethyst Fairy
Lucy the Diamond Fairy
Emily the Emerald Fairy
Sophie the Sapphire Fairy
India the Moonshone Fairy
Chloe the Topaz Fairy


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posted a week or so again i think but still fab bargain for those that missed it

my little girl loves these books, fortunately we have found a few box set recently at local car boots for around £1.50 a set so she has loads of these now and they arent costing us more than 20p or so a book. if we didnt already have some of the books in this set i would def have got it as an early xmas pressie to put away.
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