Rainbow Six Vegas (PC) - £4.99 inc delivery from Game and Gameplay

Rainbow Six Vegas (PC) - £4.99 inc delivery from Game and Gameplay

Found 25th Jul 2008Made hot 25th Jul 2008
I did a search and couldnt find these posted on here,

Game.co.uk and Gameplay both have this game in stock for £4.99 delivered.
Seems like a great price to me, the next best price i could find was £13.38 from DVDi.co.uk.
If you go to the sites via Quidco you can earn 11% cashback from both retailers which will knock about 50p off the price. It all helps.


Title should say it's for the PC.

I got this as part of the 2 for £30 offer at Argos (But it was the xbox 360 version) It's good and you cant go wrong for £5.

reckon its instore too? hot by the way.

I saw this instore at game :thumbsup:

It was clearance

Nice price, but not a particularly good game. Performance on the PC version is extremely poor in my experience, even on a powerful PC. Vegas 2 runs better, but ironically that's because it looks like a game released 5 years ago.

It's decent, I only got a few levels in before deciding to wait til I upgrade. The thing that bugs me most is the health regeneration, though. Ironically it completely destroys the feeling of tension because I don't have to worry about being methodical and careful. I can rush across an open area and get shot, then just hide behind cover a few seconds before it regenerates...

theres hardly any servers for online play with this game i have it already

Ahh good to get some feedback about it. Decided not to bother going for the game. Will just keep trying to improve on Call of Duty 4 haha.

Thanks for this. I had some Game card points and picked it up for £2.49 delivered! :-D
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