Rainbow Six Xbox 360 - £19.00 in store

Rainbow Six Xbox 360 - £19.00 in store

Found 15th Jun 2007
Just come from my local Tesco store in Coventry and they've got plenty in store. I guess it's a nationwide deal. I'm sure there's sheaper on line, but find-dvd.co.uk is showing the current cheapest as £24.99.

Can't find this on-line, but I may be looking in the wrong place.

Wish I'd got one now


Already posted but unfortunately its been cold voted........makes you wonder about people on the site....


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Sorry, I did search for "rainbow" and didn't see it.

Mod's please feel free to remove this post. Kudos to the OP. :thumbsup:

It is a good deal - £6 cheaper than elsewhere and you can get £26 trade in at Blockbuster. Got 2100 live points for £17.50 from BB so have £8.50 left....

Tesco's games are so overpriced I was pretty sure this was a misprice and went back at lunchtime to doublecheck the price......

Its nice that someone else also thinks its a good deal :thumbsup:
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