Raleigh Airlite 100 £340.00 @ Rutland Cycling

Raleigh Airlite 100 £340.00 @ Rutland Cycling

Found 17th Jul 2010
Hi all

I have no idea whether this is a good deal or not, but I was hoping for some advice (credit to GAVINLEWISHHUKD for recommending this in the Carrera TDF thread).

I'm new to cyling, looking into getting a decent commuter for a 6 mile each way commute and I'm not looking to spend more than 300-400 of my finest sterling on one. I've been eyeing up the Carrera TDF:


But after the above poster recommended this one, I decided to post it up and ask for all of your advice if you would please spare me your time.

Thank you
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You'll get better advice on a cycling forum. Try the commuting forum on BikeRadar.
Its average for that price, You could pick up a btwin or Decathlon which are slightly better for the same price.
the choice between a hybrid/commuter and a racer is a personal one, I would go somewhere like evans and tell them that your not sure an let them do the schpiel, you test ride a few get an idea and say you'll come back after making up ur mind. You'll get good advice test ride a few so be in a better position to decide. Then get home and look on ebay. If you must have new then the Carrera is good, the decathlon are good but there are others. I think when you find something you like u should just go for it and ignore everyone else.
I am after a new bike, I am increasingly going bigger distances now because of the cost of running a car, and I have some specific needs. I definitely DO NOT want pointless additions that seem to be very fashionable, for example fat wheels with chunky tyres, disk brakes or any kind of suspension. The problem is that most reasonably priced bikes are aimed at kids and have all this stuff.

I do need, carrier rack, full mudguards, chaing-cover and kevlar tyres. I will probably have to get them added on to something like this so I can get a practical bike for reasonable cash, unless anybody knows of something to fit?

The problem is that most reasonably prices
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