Raleigh Folding Plate Bicycle  Lock  £14.99 @ amazon

Raleigh Folding Plate Bicycle Lock £14.99 @ amazon

Found 13th Jun 2011
I love the idea behind this bicycle lock and this is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Super stong like a Ulock but not bulky. Not clangy and awkward like a chain.
Says its reduced from £40 but normally seen at about £30


very easy to pop link not a good lock

I wouldn't rely on this for longer than it would take me to pop into a corner store, the rivets were levered open in 40 seconds by Bike Radar:

BikeRadar Review

You get what you pay for and here you only paying for an opportunist theft deterent. Anyone who wants your bike will easily bypass this.

"Well, 40 seconds of levering and we’d popped one of the rivets allowing the lock to fall open. The Suscept is a neat idea and it’s decent as a quick-stop lock, but don’t rely on it as your only means of security."

Err..... no thank you then. They dont look that secure either.

About as secure as tying your bike to a lamp post with a piece of string.

What were they thinking?! Just looking at the picture I see 7 weak points.


cheaper and stronger!!

you can put this in your pocket.... and if you tie the knot very tightly it's probably as good.

why would would put it in ur pocket it aint a phone!!!!

put it round ur top tube like any sensible person does. some ppl....

Yeah, no bike lock for <£40 is really secure, and level of security is inversely proportional to weight/size. However you really want to make it so difficult to steal your bike that the thief just decides to go for easier prey.

A good quality U-lock (double shackled) is the most secure of the portable solutions as long as it is fitted properly (filled as much as possible with frame, wheels, crank etc so a bottle jack/ pry bar can't be used against it). I have the Abus Granit 54 fitted to my folder and it's pretty much proof against anything except an angle grinder. I also have a second small U-lock for the front wheel and an alarmed padlock- can't be too careful in London! The other recommended U-locks would be the Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboudit or M18.

Chains are good for stationary/home use, but they need to be 16mm+ to be un-croppable and they then weigh about 5Kgs and cost well over £100.

Granit 54 Review

More discussion about bike locks than you really want to read
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It's a Dahon Jetstream, but even with all my locks I only leave it on a busy street, during the day, for short periods of time. Always try to bring it in with me if I'm going to be a while or if it's at night.

I've got insurance on it too, just call me paranoid!


masterlockcheaper and stronger!!

Looks a like the lock that got my bike stolen. Thief cut straight through it. I would take my chance on the deal lock as nearly all thieves won't have the correct tools to pry this open in 40 seconds. So if you use this in combo with another lock you should be riding happy.

you could break this using the bike itself just by rotating it. anything is breakable given time.
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