Raleigh Hero 12" Boys Bike ...... £29.99

Raleigh Hero 12" Boys Bike ...... £29.99

Found 30th Nov 2007
I have just bought this bike for my little monkey using my Juicy Panel Vouchers so I only paid £19.99 for it, but at £29.99 I think its still a very good bargain!

Gosh gone are the days of a bike being your main present!!! This is cheaper than a computer game, never mind a computer!!


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Why the cold vote?

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Seems like a good price to me :thumbsup: but wait till the bike snobs from the Tesco bike thread get sight of it - they reckon you need to spend £300 :giggle:

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I have bought one for my little lad anyway.

Was just talking with a girl from work. remember those days when you had to pay into the christmas club to be able to buy something like a bike!! No this bike is so affordable! What else can you get for that nowadays!
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