Rambo 3 (Blu-ray) - £3.99 @ Base

Rambo 3 (Blu-ray) - £3.99 @ Base

Found 30th Mar 2011Made hot 30th Mar 2011
Takes me back to a mis-spent youth - no, not in Afghanistan - but in front of the VHS player watching this film endlessly.
Didnt realise how bad it was until i saw it again recently...

....anyway, great price for a blu-ray disc

John Rambo has gone to live a life of seclusion in an old Buddhist monastery searching for inner peace. When friend and mentor Col. Trautman visits to ask for his help in a secret mission in Afghanistan Rambo declines preferring a life of serenity. Trautman goes it alone and is captured by the enemy. Rambo must now set out to bring his old friend back to safety.

Special Features

Teaser, Trailer, Making Of, Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery

Product Details

Region B
Running Time: 97 minutes
Production Year: 1988
Main Language: English


I've just this evening finished watching both First Blood and the newer Rambo, so have some heat for pure coincidence!

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